King’s Island Trip Report Part 1 7/27/15

Today, I took my first ever trip to King’s Island!


I arrived at about 9.


Because I was only gonna be here for a day, I decided to get Fast Lane Plus!


They let us in at 9:30, but only Gold Pass members were able to ride at this time.


As soon as they opened the park for everybody, it started pouring!


First up was Banshee! I was excited for this ride!


It turns out Banshee is not meant for people as tall as I am. The ride was extremely painful!


Next up was Diamondback!


Diamondback was outstanding and definitely holds a spot in my top 10!


After that I went to Firehawk! This is my favorite flying coaster! I think it beats out Tatsu by far. This Vekoma Flyers don’t get the credit they deserve!


Then I did Flight of Fear which was a little disappointing. It was really rough, the shin pad were worst than Throttle’s, and it wasn’t even that dark inside the spaghetti bowl!


I went back to Banshee to see if could get a better ride. No luck…


Next, I rode the Bat! Awesome suspended coaster!


The remains of the most craziest wooden coasters to exist before RMCs!


After riding Drop of Doom 346 times, Drop Tower seemed like nothing!


To finish out my first part of the trip, I rode Invertigo! Now I’ve ridden every type of inverting Vekoma Boomerangs! Honestly this is the worst kind in my opinion. I like standard Boomerangs and GIBs better. Still a great ride though! After this I needed to recharge my phone, so I headed back to my hotel.

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