Cedar Point 2016 Coaster Construction

As most of know, Cedar Point has cleared out a HUGE amount of land and has been rumored to get a B&M Dive Coaster called Valravn! Here’s the progress as of July 28th!

First off, here’s the wall with all of Cp’s current coasters!

RIMG6019 RIMG6020 RIMG6021 RIMG6022 RIMG6023 RIMG6024 RIMG6025 RIMG6026 RIMG6027 RIMG6028 RIMG6029 RIMG6030 RIMG6031 RIMG6032 RIMG6033 RIMG6034 RIMG6035 RIMG6036


Here’s the land where the old car ride was. Plus the Dodgems and Calypso were moved from here and now are infront of Twister. As you can see, this is a huge plot of land.


I did find strange markings in the area. I’m not sure if they are related to the new coaster…


Here’s a peak over the wall where the Theater was! Not really much yet, but that will change soon.

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