Cedar Point Trip Report 7/29/15-Part 1

This is my report on my 2nd day at Cedar Point. The other days, I will not do a report on, because I need to relax a little on my vacation 🙂RIMG6111

The view from my hotel room at Sand Castle Suites was awesome! But views aside, it was park time!


The line is always long to get in early! But it goes quickly because they just scan you ticket and your in! No finger print. Also they have security outside manually scanning people for metal. They didn’t do this the day before or the day after…

RIMG6120First I headed to Millie!

RIMG6122We arrived a little late to get in, so the line wasn’t super short, but I’m not complaining! Better than a 2 hour wait!


I have to admit, this ride looks so good with it’s new coat of paint in the morning!

RIMG6134This is my favorite part of Millie! The only moment of ejector air on this ride and its pretty decent ejector.  Comment below what your favorite part on Millie!

RIMG6138The lift is quite fast on this behemoth! I actually kind of wish it was slower so I could take in view!


I tried my “tricks” (to keep the lapbar loose) I use on TC and FT on Millie. It didn’t work quite as well, but still worked.

RIMG6150My official review of Millie:

Intensity: 4.5/10 Not a super intense ride, it has some brief moments.

Speed: 6.5/10 It might be 93 mph, but it doesn’t feel very fast.

airtime: 3/10 The airtime is very medicare. The 2 floater hills are quite tame. The only good airtime moment to me is the last air time hill you see in the pic above.

Layout: 2.5/10 I’m very harsh on this rides layout, because so simple and not very exciting. It just feels so bland. Sorry, but that’s how I feel about it.

Fun: 8/10 I do enjoy it quite a bit, but it’s definitely not my favorite. No where close to it infact. But it’s still fun to get the views from the top and to cruise around.

Overall: 24.5/50


Next up is Maverick!

RIMG6154The line wasn’t too long yet as the park hadn’t opened yet.


I didn’t like the new restraints. The pressed down on my shoulders like Green Lantern. And yes, they are exactly the same GL except CP adds an extra sleeve on it that has padding.


My official review of Maverick:

Intensity: 8.5/10 I’ve been on more intense, but still way more intense than most and definitely the most intense at Cedar Point. I find SUF and GL much more intense than this in all honesty.

Speed: 8/10 feels pretty fast at some moments!

Airtime: 8/10 It only has 3 moments of airtime, so it’s not that many…but the airtime it does have is amazing!

Layout: 7/10 The layout is interesting, but it’s very repetitive. Tight twist there, another right after that, than another after that.

Fun: 9/10 Just amazing! I have so much fun on this coaster! It would be a 10 if the restraints were not thigh crushers.

Overall: 40.5/50


We were going to ride Dragster, but it didn’t open till later, because of delays. So Magnum instead!


My official review of Magnum:

Intensity: 8/10 This ride can get quite intense! I’m referring to you last few airtime hills!

Speed: 7/10 Because it’s not as smooth, it gives a more out of control feeling making it feel faster than Millie.

Airtime: 7.5/10 There are some pretty good ejector moments on this ride!

Layout: 3/10 The layout is an out and back…

Fun: 9.5/10 Very fun for anyone able to ride. It’s such a classic and flying over those airtime hills are just amazing!

Overall: 35/50


Next I headed to my least favorite steel coaster, Mantis…


B&M did a fabulous job at re-imagining this once horrible ride. It’s personally my favorite floorless coaster now.

RIMG6181 It looks so beautiful now, like Scream!


The incline loop with floorless is train awesome!


I’m not actually gonna review Rougarou here since I plan to review new rides on their own. I already have the name for this one…Rouga-review 🙂


I will say it was super smooth! It feel more like Medusa than Scream like some say.


Next I took the Sky Way to Pink’s!


Can my park do this please!

RIMG6170After Pink’s, went to Power Tower!

RIMG6204The shot side is my favorite, because it reminds me of one of my favorites as a kid. Maliboomer at California Adventure!


Top Thrill Dragster finally opened!

RIMG6206This is honestly my favorite ride in the park!


The line wasn’t too bad for TTD. 30-40 mins!

RIMG6210I wish…

RIMG6212The cars look so much cleaner than anyone other ride in the park!


Back row is life! It did fish tail quite a bit down the launch way though.


Just wow! It’s not that it’s scary, but it’s just unbelievable that you do all of that in what feels like a blink of an eye!


This seems to scare bravest of people. Most keep their cool in line, but in the station, their attitude changes! I’ve never seen a ride that intimidates people like this ride does. I honestly cried the first time back when I rode when I was 11 🙂


My official review of Top Thrill Dragster:

Intensity: 7.5/10 It’s kinda intense, but it’s more of the anticipation that’s scary, not the ride it’s self.

Speed: 9.5/10  The acceleration is unbelievable!

Airtime: 8.5/10 The drop is pretty awesome The airtime takes up half of the ride. Ejector plus twistyness=pure awesomeness!

Layout: 4.5/10 This is easy to see. Just a top hat,b ut the twist going down gives it a better rating!

Fun: 10/10 Do I need to explain why the fun meter is tapped out!?

Overall: 40/50

RIMG6235I know I just did my review. Time to move on…NO! I love this ride too mcuh to move on just yet! 🙂

RIMG6237That twist is just so amazing!


One my way to Pipe Scream, want to get a pic like this from the Entrance to Dinosaurs Alive.




Ok, I’m finished 😉


So Next I rode Pipe Scream which was interesting. Much better than the Disk’os with the round cars and painful restraints!


I’m gonna end part one here guys. This took so much work to prepare. Thanks for your support!

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