Cedar Point Trip Report 7/29/15 Part 2

This is part 2 of my trip report at Cedar Point. This is evening to night. Read part 1 first to see morning to noon.


After I got my phone rechargedcharged…and myself recharged :), I headed back to the park.


I stayed at Sand Castle, so I had to walk on this long, but beautiful pathway!


I decided to enter at Breakers park entrance, not the Challenge Park entrance.


I decided to go to Twister first!


That twist is so strange! It’s so tight, yet still comfortable.


My Official review of Wicked Twister:

Speed: 5.5/10 It doesn’t feel very fast, but doesn’t feel slow at the same time. kinda average.

Intensity: 7/10 Not super intense, but it’s still pretty crazy!

Airtime:3.5/10 You get slightly weightless at the top of the tower, but nothing amazing.

Layout: 6.5/10 Simple, but stand out for sure. The twists are crazy tight!

Fun: 9/10 Back row on the backwards twist is indescribable, but just insanely fun!

Overall:  31.5/50


Next I hit up one of my favorite B&Ms!


The whole trip I was getting horrible luck with so rides. I would be next to ride and it would break down or close for some reason. Gatekeeper kept the trend going. They put a third train on the track which was interesting nonetheless.


My official review of Gatekeeper:

Speed: 3/10 Feels very slow.

Intensity: 1/10 Least intense ride I’ve ever ridden. Yes, I’ve ridden more forceful kid coasters.

Airtime: 2.5/10 backrow can get some decent floater, but other than that, its pretty bland on airtime…and pretty much everything else.

Layout: 7/10 average style wing layout, but feels to work better with the layout of the park!

Fun: 8/10 Quite fun. A more relaxing experience than anything to be honest. It’s just fun and flowy.

RIMG6348Luminosity was going on as I went to RIMG6350

A night ride on Rougarou seems cool.


I was next for the backrow and they shut it down for the fireworks! Just my luck!


So I did what any sane person would do…Ride Millie! Night rides on Millie are quite good!


I bet they were still going 60-65 MPH when I took this!


I opted for the back!


Millie at night is awesome. I’m still not a fan of the ride. Feels too much like Goliath at SFMM if you ask me… But being in the pitch dark made it different!


Rougarou’s sign is so cool at night! At this time it was 30 t0 40 mins after the park closed.


I was so thirsty. Luckily I found Auntie Anne’s which was still open! Amazing strawberry lemonade!


That concludes my trip to Cedar Point on the 28th! I still have a Soak City Trip Report and a surprise trip report for you guys!

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