Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 8/16/15


I hadn’t been to Universal since mid June for the preview of Fast & Furious: Supercharged.

I arrived about 15 mins after the park opened. They had that big gate that usually remains closed, open to day. I have no idea what it was being used for, but they were refusing some people from entering. Some kinda event or group thing maybe?


Looks a lot different since the last time I saw it.


There was nearly no line and it took 40 mins! The one problem with this ride are the mandatory preshows and low capacities.


After I got off the Simpsons, I headed to the lower lot. I saw the new Raptor Encounter which wasn’t here last time. It’s really cool! For the last month or so, I’ve been wanting to come back and see this! Sadly I it took this long, because my whole Cedar Point and King’s Island Trip.


Next I single ridered Transformers!


After Transformers, I felt it was time to celebrate Roller Coaster Day by riding an actual coaster!


Now it was time for the dreaded Jurassic Park! You really don’t get that wet on Jurassic, but in the summer they add these water cannons that completely soak you!


I got back row one the far side next to the cannons…of course…


My upper body got completely drenched! I dried off in a matter of minutes! It was well over 100 outside today!


I did single rider on Transformers and Mummy a couple times!


There was a very short line for the Raptor Encounter so I decided to get a pic!


They have to completely clear the midway when bringing Zulu out.


Me with Zulu!


I wanted to get a Flaming Moe today, so I decided to get a cheap lunch. A meal under 7$ at a theme park?!?! Impossible!


It turned out I was a few CENTS short for a Moe, so I got a Squishee instead. The Sour Apple and Blue Raspberry wouldn’t freeze because of how hot it was!


So I got a Wild Cherry Squishee, which was fantastic!


I also noticed that they took out Chief Wiggum…


Nothing super interesting with Harry Potter. Just the facade going up around castle. Well as far as I could see as a guest atleast.


Definitely looking better!

RIMG6804Coaster Credit! Coaster Credit! Coaster Credit!

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