This one of many reviews of new in 2014 rides/coasters. I got Twisted coming up soon. But anyway my first review is of Rougarou at Cedar Point! Without further ado, here is the GAC official review of Rougarou!


This is the first site you’ll see of Rougarou other than maybe the predrop.


Then you’ll hear the roar of Rougarou as it comes down the first drop!


Rougarou directly throws you into a massive loop which is a pretty average B&M first loop.


Then you get thrown into a standard B&M Dive Loop.


Directly after the dive loop, your tossed into this awesome turn-around!


Then comes the Incline loop. A strange loop is debatable on if it’s an inversion or not. It had only been seen on Stand ups and this the first floorless coaster to have it! I really like it on a floorless.FinallyRIMG5971

Then you finish off in the Spaghetti Bowl that features very tight twists and a good sized corkscrew! Honestly my favorite section of the ride.


Getting to the stuff you want to hear. How smooth is it? Glass smooth! I heard some say it’s bumpy, but I totally disagree. It’s just as smooth as Medusa as SFDK. There are some slight jerks here and there, but is honestly not really that noticeable.


How is it’s overall improvement? Much more enjoyable. It honestly feel quite different from Mantis.


Intensity: 4/10 Standard floorless intensity

Speed: 3/10 Once again not very special in the category

Airtime: 3.5/10 best airtime on a floorless! But thats not really saying much

Layout: 7/10 The first half is pretty standard, but the second half is fantastic!

Fun: 7/10 It’s just a standard B&M in the park. Definitely fun, but not like really fun like Dragster or Maverick.

Overall: 24.5/50


Final Thoughts: Great coaster, but definitely nothing amazing. This is my 3rd floorless coaster I’ve ridden and it’s by far the best. You want to ride Millie, Maverick, and TTD before you ride this. Rougarou doesn’t get that much of a line. My favorite part of the ride is the twisted airtime hill after the corkscrew! Also, before I end this, I wanted to mention the trains. The trains are quite different from older floorless coasters. the seats are much higher elevated and extend off the front more. It’s now really hard to touch the back of the car with your feet now, making it completely floorless!

What are your opinions on Rougarou and/or Mantis?

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