Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 8/22/15


Quite a bit of a line just to get through Security!


I got in right as early entry was about to start. Sadly my favorite coaster, Full Throttle, wasn’t open yet.


So I headed to Goliath 😦

RIMG6813If your wondering why I went to Goliath, it’s because Twisted is sometimes not open during the morning, so I didn’t want to take the risk.


GAC Official Review of Goliath (SFMM):

Intensity: 7/10 Decent in intensity

Speed: 5/10 It’s 85 MPH, but feels maybe 60 MPH. It’s acceleration is pure crap due to the angle of the drop!

Airtime: 0.5/10 There is virtually no lift out of your seat!

Layout: 2/10 Just an awful, ugly layout. It looks like it was built in Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Fun: 4/10 I honestly find this ride to be lame, just like Millie.

Overall: 18.5/50


Next I headed to Twisted which was open and had NO LINE!


I took a ride in the front and one in back!

GAC Official Review of Twisted Colossus:

Intensity: 3.5/10 Not that intense. It’s a family thrill coaster.

Speed: 7/10 That 80 degree drop and airtime hills make it feel pretty fast!

Airtime: 10/10 18 moments of airtime! Most being high class Ejector Air!

Layout: 8.5/10 Not my favorite layout, but provides a whole lot of different “twisted” elements that are quite fun!

Fun: 10/10 Definitely one of my all time favorites! So much fun, especially when it’s dueling!

Overall: 39/50


Then I rode Scream which was a walk on.


GAC Official Review of Scream:

Intensity: 5/10 Average

Speed: 5/10 Average

Airtime: 1/10 One moment of decent floater

Layout: 5/10 average, just standard inversions for 90% of the ride.

Fun:6.5/10 I do love this ride, but it’s nothing amazing.

Overall: 22.5/50


After that, I finished off with Batman!


GAC Official Review of Batman: The Ride (SFMM)

Intensity: 7/10 Pretty intense, but not super intense.

Speed: 4/10 feels pretty slow

Airtime: 0/10 Absolutely no airtime.

Layout: 4/10 Like an average invert layout, but tiny.

Fun: 5/10 average

Overall: 20/50


Then I took an awesome and free ride on Sling Shot! Thanks to an amazing employee for giving me a free ride on this awesome attraction!


I’m not going to review Sling Shot, I will say it’s awesome and you should definitely give it a go. They are worth every cent!

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