Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Trip Report 8/30/15


Today it was quite hot and would probably be miserable, so I headed to the water park. Also I’m sadly not supposed to ride roller coaster for a little bit due to my back problem.

RIMG7024The beauty of having a Gold Pass! You get first dibs on everything from rentals, lounge chairs, and slides!


I love to hit Lightning first to warm up…or cool off in this case.


It was kinda weird today. They only had 3 double tubes and like 20+ single tubes.RIMG7034

Oh yeah, this is another I hit Lightning first. I’m gonna be honest, Bonzai legit freaks me out. This is mostly because I’m highly sensitive to body slides and get burned easily. Last time I rode I got a really bad/painful burn. Today I tried a new strategy to not get burned. Put a crap lot of lotion on my back to work as a lube.


Actually one of my good friends was working today as a Flash Pass attendant at Bonzai. This was just horrible. A guy wanted to ride Bonzai, but had rivets on his pants. My friend David, told him he couldn’t ride because of the rivets, so the guy started yelling and cussing at him just for doing his job, which he better than most employees.


Here’s me getting off Bonzai Orange! The lotion worked perfectly! Not burns!


Then we hit Bamboo Racer!


Black Snake (both body and tubes slides) and Tornado were closed. One employee said that Black Snake’s filter broke. I have no idea about Tornado though.


Then I wanted to hit Bonzai again before the crowds.


Once again, Bonzai Orange was amazing. Sadly I can’t do Bonzai Blue, due to my sensitive skin issues. 😦


Then I went to the wave pool!


They had some Looney Tunes going while people were in the wave pool.


It was definitely time for lunch!


The Nachos at the Crow’s Nest are even better than the ones in the main park which were already amazing!


We watched the park’s Steel Drum band! These guys are fantastic.


During one of the songs, the drummer’s drum broke…luckily they had spare parts.


Then I wanted to finish off the day with Bonzai!


The wait was about an hour, so my lotion completely dried in the hour, so I received a small burn on my back.


Today was awesome! I got on everything I wanted to, except maybe Tiki Falls. Bonzai is by  far my favorite slide in the park!

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