Six Flags Magic Mountain 5 Year Prediction

Within 24 hour we’ll know the line up for Six Flags Parks in 2016. In that short period of time, I would like to think about the future of my home park!

The park has had a rocking last 5 years! 5 new coasters, one of the best drop towers ever built, Superman refurbished, Batman and Colossus backwards, Bugs Bunny World refurbishment, Colossus County Fair rethemed to Screampunk District, Gotham City to DC Universe, Full Throttle Zone, Kwerk, Full Throttle Nights, Ride Repaints, and Bonzai Pipelines! And you guys want a Giga next year?!?! I think your asking for too much. those last 5 years were crazy! So with that, what will we see in 2016-2020?

2016: We will probably see some flats or a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. I think a flat ride is more likely. The flat would probably be a Zamperla Air Race, Larson Loop, Flying Scooters, or any mixture of those.

2017: SFMM will not be due for another coaster yet, so I predict new slides at SFHH and Batman Backwards.

2018: S&S EL Loco in the old Flashback spot. This seems very likely because EL Locos are small and Six Flags is currently working with S&S. It will probably be Full Throttle themed. Probably the name would be along the lines of High Octane.

2019: Family ride package for Bugs Bunny World. Closure of Goliath and Whistle Stop Park.

2020: This maybe the year you’ve waiting for…A B&M hyper or giga. I predict, if they were to ever build a giga, they build it on top of a remaining structure to save money, since Gigas are quite costly. We’ve seen them do similar stuff 3 times at SFMM. Twisted Colossus, Lex Luthor, and Bonzai Pipelines were all build on top existing structures. Now does this mean it will happen…no, not at all. But I think if they were to build a giga, it would be built on top of Goliath’s structure. One thing I think though, is it possible. Now I’m not sure at all! 🙂 But I think with extra bracing, it would be very possible.

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