KODAK Digital Still Camera

I arrived at the Knott’s hotel around 4 o’clock!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

My Pre-Scare reservation was for 6, I went outside and did an update on Ghost Rider!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I’ll save ghost Rider for another post, but here’s the entrance for the Pre-Scare dinner inside the hotel!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

They had around 5-10 actors out and about in the lobby scaring all the day time guest!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Here’s the inside of the buffet. Looks really cool!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

My food choice was a bit odd, because I didn’t know what they had till I already got mashed potatoes and baked red potatoes. But anyway I was in the mood for Alfredo!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

They had some of their famous Boysenberry Pie for dessert! BEST THING EVER!!!

KODAK Digital Still CameraThey had this Berry Punch that was amazing. It’s like grape juice on steroids!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The scare actors were sitting outside the buffet taking pictures with guests. on the ground…so there was a circle of monsters!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then Snoopy crashed their little party!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Enough playing around…it’s haunting time!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I got in 30 minutes early and got my reservation for Special OPs Infected!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

First up, Paranormal Inc.

Paranormal Inc.: official review

Theming: 9/10 Fantastic theming! some areas were bland, but overall it was amazing!

Story: 10/10 It has a very in depth story! Your suppose special VIP guest to a recording of a Ghost Hunters type show. They have invented this new device that electrifies the air somehow causing the ghost to become more active. The put on very low power for safety reasons. Nothing happens. One of the guys gets impatient and puts it on full power! This summons many ghosts and demons.

Scary: 8/10 It was pretty damn scary! Not the scariest, but still pretty damn scary!

Overall: 27/30

That concludes part 1 of 2!

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