Knott’s Scary Farm Trip Report 9/26/15 Part 3


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I finished off part 2 with Special Ops. Part 1: Click here! Part 2: Click here!

Wach my Vlog here 

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After Special Ops, I hit up Supreme Scream!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Than I went to the park’s newest ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef! Awesome attraction! I do a full review in another post! I already have the name worked out, Voyage to the Iron Reef-view! 🙂

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After Iron Reef, I did the new maze, Dead of Winter, which was…bad…

Dead of Winter Official Review:

Theming: 6/10 average theming, nothing spectacular…

Story: 1/10 No Story

Scary: 2/10 Not scary at all!

Overall: 9/30

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After that I went to Xcelerator…which really lost it’s charm to me back when I rode TTD for the first time in 2011. Still a fun ride, but in comparison it’s not very outstanding!

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Next up was Monte! Currently my favorite ride at Knott’s! It’s sad that it’s the last of it’s kind in the US 😦

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After that I did Sierra Sidewinder and Silver Bullet!

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Enough rides! It’s time for more haunts!

My Bloody Clementine Officail Review:

Theming: 9/10 amazing theming!

Story: 7/10 Not alot of story, but there’s not no story

Scary: 9/10 Absolutely insane! They had actors that were hidden in the rock of the Calico Mine Ride which I did not expect! You could never predict when someone would jump out!

Overall: 25/30

Full On-ride POV: 

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Pinocchio: Unstrung Official Review:

Theming: 8/10 pretty good theming!

Story: 7/10 decent story

Scary: 3/10 not really THAT scary

Overall: 18/30

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Forevermore Official Review:

Theming: 9/10 off the hook theming!

Story: 10/10 The story is based off of a killer who based his murders off of Edgar Allen Poe’s writing!

Scary: 5/10 just ok

Overall: 24/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then I did Pony Express!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

With about 5 mins left, I finished off with last maze!

Black Magic Official Review:

Theming: 7/10 some areas are pretty cool and others are just ok

Story: 4/10 it’s just based off of Houdini, but I don’t know what that has to do with anything…at least they tried

Scary: 4/10 below decent


KODAK Digital Still Camera

That concludes my Knott’s Scary Farm 2015 review!

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