Fright Fest (SFMM) Trip Report 10/2/15

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I want to start this trip report by thanking Kurt (The Coaster Guy) and Greg from Park Journey for putting on a fantastic event! They put on an event called Mountain Madness where you get ERT, Backstage Tours, Food, and Front of the line maze passes!

Anyway, we just finished our dinner at the West Pavilion and it was now time for Fright Fest to begin!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

First off, we did Vault 666! My second favorite maze of all time!

Vault 666 Official Review:

Story: 9/10 Very cool story. I would give it a ten, because it takes a few trips through the maze to understand what exactly is going on… It is an animal testing facility that decided to test what would happen if they mutated certain animal DNA with human DNA. You are invited to see this world changing event happen live, when one of the creatures breaks free and chaos ensues! These creatures are demonic animal mutations that are blood thirsty!

Theming: 10/10 Some of the best theming I’ve seen in a maze!

Scary: 10/10 By far the scariest maze I’ve been in! Yes, even scarier than Halloween at USH this year!

Overall: 29/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Next we did Red’s Revenge!

Red’s Revenge Official Review:

Story: 7/10 It would get a ten out of ten, because the story telling is there and is the driving force of this maze…but the story is so dumb and cringe-worthy!

Theming: 10/10 nothing bad at all I can say about! Only positive stuff like, absolutely perfect!

Scary: 8/10 it can get pretty scary, but I feel that they left most of the scares to thoses damn air canons!

Overall: 24/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I know, it was taken from the tour…I may have forgotten to take pictures of the maze during the actual Fright Fest event…Oops…

Toyz of Terror 3D Official Review:

Story: 6/10 Not really much. It’s a demented Toy Maker who built kind of devilish toys. I feel that this maze was geared more towards families and not really disturbing stories!

Theming: 9/10 There are a few bland sections, but most parts are well done and use the 3D chromodepth very well! USH you should learn from this maze on how to make a well done 3D maze! *cough* *This is the End 3D*

Scary: 3/10 Once again, I feel that this maze is more family oriented. Not super scary, but can have one or two decent scares.

3D Usage: 10/10 By far the best 3D maze I’ve been in! It’s all about the Chromodepth usage! They designed so it starts off with less chromodepth integration and finishes with overwhelming usage!

Overall: 28/40

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then we went to go check out this year’s biggest new addition to Fright Fest, TERRORtory Twisted! I honestly think they should have called it Screampunk TERRORtory, but that’s just me! Anyway, best themed scare zone in the park!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I think they were recording a commercial when we were here, because of the bright lights…or it may have been In The Loop…I don’t even know, but I took advantage of their light! MUHAHAHA!

Anyway, forgot to take a picture of Aftermath, but here’s it’s review. Sorry for lack of pictures, I was at the park with friends, so photos weren’t my top priority…Hope you understand!

Aftermath Official Review

Story: 6/10 Zombies…Overused! Well they do have a nice story that seem to be trying to tell, then once you enter the maze, nothing is added on to that, so yeah…

Theming: 8/10 excellent theming!

Scary: 5/10 Not really scary. I don’t find random zombies walking by and staring at you to be scary. Some do run at you and come from out of nowhere, but you’ll be lucky if that happens.

Overall: 19/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Next up we tried Shadows of Evil!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Shadows of Evil blew us away! The pre show area was transformed into a maze and it was absolutely terrifying!

Shadow of Evil Official Review

Story: 8/10 it is actually  Call of Duty themed. I don’t know really anything about Call of Duty, but the story was easy to understand

Theming: 10/10 Wow! Unexpected! Amazing! They even transformed the Preshow entrance to look like a night club!

Scary: 10/10 Nearly as scary as Vault 666!

Overall: 28/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

What? This? Oh this isn’t meant to be not blurry, because…um…it’s art! Yeah, that’s what it is! Art!…I’m sorry, I could not for the life of me get a good picture of Willoughby’s!

Willoughby’s Resurrected Official Review

Story: 10/10 Very well thought out! The family has been haunting Magic Mountain for a very long time. Since early days of Fright Fest! So this is their big return to Fright Fest. The Willoughby’s family is demented and has been long gone until they’ve resurrected! Now Willoughby’s Mansion is more haunted than ever!

Theming: 10/10 Fantastic theming! It almost reminds me of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion inside! But scarier of course!

Scary: 7/10 the maze itself isn’t scary, but they take your picture before going in and the jumpscare that happens always gets me, even though I know exactly when it will happen!

Overall: 27/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Then we went to The Willoughby’s Garden! This maze is in a story point of view, attached to Resurrected! Infact you exit Resurrected through a garden making Garden of Darkness the second part of Resurrected.

Garden of Darkness Official Review

Story: 3/10 not much other than it’s part of the Willoughby’s Mansion.

Theming: 3/10 not much…just hedges…

Scary: 4/10 the actors are dressed as plants and blend in with the walls. They sometimes can get a good scare out of you, but unless you are afraid of plants, it’s not really scary

Overall: 10/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

In my opinion this is the most underrated maze at Magic!

Chupacbra Official Review

Story: 3/10 not much story wise

Theming: 7/10 pretty good theming!

Scary: 7/10 can get some pretty good scares out of you!

Overall: 17/30

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Now it was time to finished Mountain Madness with us all riding Gold Rusher together!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Those who didn’t leave immediately after that went to Sinister Circuit!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After we all split up, I was now on my own, so I headed to X2: Satan’s Domain to finish the night off! I hate to give bad reviews, but…this was down right terrible! Year’s before they have X2: Area 19 which was amazing! It had great theming, story, and music! Now it has NON OF THAT! The designed the soundtrack so it’s pretty much just this cartoony static! From the station to the lift hill was static every 5 secs or so to make it feel Possessed I guess?!?! I honestly don’t know what they were thinking! The music they do play, you can’t hear because the ride is too loud! All in all, just bad! Please return to Area 19 next year

KODAK Digital Still Camera

That concludes this trip report! I’m want to leave this post off with the coolest thing a Fright Fest…The Gearworks Theater projections!

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