Buffalo Bill’s Trip Report 10/23/15

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After a long drive from California, I finally saw my first stop in site. This picture was taken about 5 miles away from Buffalo Bills.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As soon as you drive up, you can see how faded this ride is. And I thought Tatsu faded…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After buying my ticket, it was time to ride!

Desperado Official Review:

Intensity: 6.5/10 Beyond just decent intensity, but not super intense.

Airtime: 6/10 good pops of ejector.

Layout: 9/10 The layout is fantastic!

Speed: 6/10 It feels average.

Fun: 8/10 Very fun!

Overall: 35.5/50

KODAK Digital Still Camera

After that we rode their log ride which was so cool! Only problem is that all the cool features it use to offer are no longer working due to them not caring enough to make an easy fix. See those green lights? Well, those are targets. This used to be a log flume with a dark ride shooting section! So sad that is no longer available…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

That’s really all they had that was worth riding. This place clearly use to be better. They have an S&S drop tower that hasn’t worked in 5 years or so. The attractions have not kept up to date and all the things that made them great, no longer exists… Very sad, because they have so much potential.


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