Fright Dome Trip Report 10/24/15

KODAK Digital Still Camera

When I first got to the Fright Dome entrance, you could see how big this event was gonna be! You enter on the opposite side of the usual Adventuredome main gate. The entrance is in the parking lot. First you enter this tent where police officers check you with the metal detector wands. After that they split you up into 3 categories: pre-purchase, Ticket Sales, and Pre-Purchase Fast Pass. I had Fast pass so I went there. Then all 3 groups reunite at the exit of the tent where they scan your ticket. Then you have to wait in a jungle of switchbacks. They had people on the outside portion of the dome playing music and such. They got the okay from inside to let people in 10 mins early, which was great! Before you went in they scanned your ticket twice more! Then you enter through an employee entrance.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

This was really freaky and terrifying for me since I was alone. There were tons of people walking through this brick employee entrance with policemen everywhere. There was probably 200-300 police at the Adventuredome that night. I felt very safe to say the least, but they looked prepared to take people down, so that was a little freaky, but I guess it’s just a safety thing, because it’s Vegas at night during an Insane Halloween event. I do thank them for being there to protect normal guest like me who just want to have some good fun!

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You come out under Frog Hopper which is located next to Chaos. Chaos was already filled through it’s queue and was going into it’s overflow. Same with Loco. The mazes weren’t too long of a wait…even the closest one to the entrance, which didn’t matter to me because I have a Fast Pass! First maze of the night: Slaughter House!

Slaughter House Official Review:

Story: 8/10 Pretty good story. A little weird, but not as weird as some at Knott’s. Apparently the animals in the “House of Sausage Slaughter House” the animals are mutated and have been mutated to the point where they become stronger than humans and are now killing anyone and everyone inside.

Theming: 10/10 This maze is crazy in the theming category! The mazes here are put together in strange almost flimsy looking way. Instead of plywood, it was fencing with tarp on them. They used this to there advantage. This maze has a really low ceiling and tight walkways. Not to mention the whole maze there’s body parts and intestines hanging from the ceiling. The maze has some great props as well that catch you by surprise!

Scary: 10/10 this one was pretty dang scary!

Overall: 28/30

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You exit Slaughter House on the other side of which you entered, so I hit the closest maze, Doll House!

Doll House Official Review

Story: 7/10 nothing is really that established about why it’s so demented, but there’s some pretty decent story.

Theming: 10/10 Every hall was fantastic theming!

Scary: 5/10 decent

Overall: 22/30

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Next up was Killer Clowns 4D! This maze takes up the entire Lazer Tag arena.

Killer Clowns 4D Official Review:

Story: 5/10 No real story other than it’s a hideout for serial killing clowns.

Theming: 10/10 Fantastic theming and props.

Scary: 7/10 beyond decent scares

3D Usage: 7/10 it uses it pretty well, but could use improvement. Toyz Of Terror at SFMM uses the Chromo depth colors much better.

Overall: 29/40

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After that, I hit up Swarm which is under the Miniature Golf course. This is one of two zombie mazes.

Swarm Official Review:

Story: 2/10 Very basic zombie story.

Theming: 10/10 Props everywhere and everything was very well done!

Scary: 10/10: Very good scares!

Overall: 22/30

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And then to wrap up the normal mazes is Waste Land! The other Zombie maze. It’s a little different then just zombies. It’s also like barbarian people who have survived the Apocalypse. It’s very similar to Aftermath at SFMM while Swarm is more like Vault 666.

Waste Land Official Review:

Story: 10/10 The story tells of an Apocalypse where only a few survived. Now humanity is split up into nomadic tribes living off of the remains of what was civilization.

Theming: 10/10 pretty good theming! It even includes a bridge that shakes like an earthquake when your on it.

Scary: 6/10 not really that scary, but it has a few good moments.

Overall: 26/30

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I know I said that was the last normal maze. I indeed said that, but there’s a private maze for those who bought a Fast Pass. This maze is Insanatorium and it’s by far the best maze I’ve been in! Even crushes Halloween at USH! Before I go into the review there’s a few things I need to go over so it makes more since.

  1. This maze only allows for one person at a time.
  2. It gets so intense, they make you sign a wavier.
  3. This maze has a “Safe Word” for those who can’t handle it.
  4. Three only the guy in the middle of that picture is from Insanatorium…the others photo bombed it. What relevance does that have? None…

Insanatorium Official Review:

Story: 10/10 There’s huge backstory! This surgeon has gone crazy and started murdering people. He got the nickname “Surgeon of Slaughter” from General Public. Nothing was ever found of the surgeon when tried to find him other than his hands cut off. His hands now are now replaced with saws!

Theming: 10/10 everything was awesome inside. The theming is used on you sometimes! Such as laying you down on a stretcher and pushing you in a dark morgue drawer! They also have what I think I heard use to be called the “Hellevator” which is a very tight elevator which slowly moves up and down while a guy…does stuff to you…I’ll get more into that in the Scary section…

Scary: This thing is high paced, highly intense, and just an overall hell on earth for most that you’d only find in the worst of nightmares! The guy in the “Hellevator” starts touching you, breathing on you, and even smelling you while stuck in the “Hellevator!” Honestly that part was so over the top creepy, I just started giggling. Every room, there’s something to intensify the fear! There’s guys that bust open doors, quickly grab your arm, and start running and you have to keep up. Others are locking you in a cell with this HUGE criminal looking character and the guard says, “find a way out.” It was pretty obvious that there was a door that looked like a wall…they didn’t close it all the way for me…oops! So in all, very intense and is worth upgrading to a Fast Pass for 20$ extra! You won’t regret it if you were already considering going!

Overall: 30/30 Perfect!!! Best maze I’ve been in! So intense and I love that!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The two big coasters in the park did have Fast Pass, so I rode EL Loco: In the Dark which is incredible. It’s really cool, because it has an emblem on the front that glows and with that combined with the fog, it was just perfect.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I do Canyon Blaster also which as usual is also amazing!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

I did every maze other than Insanatorium twice or more. I sadly didn’t do Friday the 13th 4D (Cinema) or Haunted Forest (simulator) as Fast Pass was not available for them and their waits were huge! Friday was probably 30-45 mins and Haunted Forest was over an hour!

Anyway that concludes this trip report and haunt review for Fright Dome! Please share this post or atleast somehow get the word out about Fright Dome! Best Haunt I’ve ever been to. I’d recommend dropping any plans for other haunts and just go to Fright Dome! It’s that good! Thank you Fright Dome for being awesome hosts, and I WILL make sure to do again next year!

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