Belmont Park Trip Report 12/26/15

I arrived at Belmont at probably around 4:30. It was pretty crowded being that it’s the weekend after Christmas.

I wandered around trying to find something that had a decent wait.

Surprisingly, Beach Blaster was a walk on… yet everything else was crowded… Well it might be strange for one of the star attractions in the park to have a walk on, but atleast I get on that much quicker!

Then I went to Octotron, which had a long line. Luckily being a single rider, I took the last open seat since there was a group of 6 infront of me.

Then I decided it was time to the park’s only coaster. Bit of a line, but it was very worth it!

Sorry for the low quality picture, but it’s the best I had. Anyway, Control Freak was now a walk on! I love this ride so much! I’d love to see bigger parks put in these (as a group of them for capacity reasons) because they are just so awesome!

I hit up 2 of the parks lesser known attractions. First I did Tilt-a-Whirl where I got it spinning good! After that, I went to Krazy Kars which is probably the coolest bumper cars ever. It’s all in a dark, black light filled building with neon paint everywhere. The building is also weirdly shaped so it isn’t just a circle or oval you go around. It makes for some great sneak attacks on unsuspecting  people. Not to mention the cars are round pod versions so you can easily make 360 degree rotations quickly.

One the way out I did Giant Dipper 2 more times. One warning, never ride back row (one row up is much better) because there’s one hill where you get abrupt, strong ejector while your banking and it’s really painful! Awesome, but painful. Row 11 has best airtime on the ride with a good second of sustained ejector air one drop.

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