Joker Construction Update #1 12/31/15

This is the first of a few updates! We start of with REAL construction and no Roar destruction.

Here’s the support structure for the step under flip.

Here’s view into the station.

Another view of the step under.

Here’s one of many rail connectors on this inversion.

The remaining structure that still needs headers coming out of the step under.

Here’s the top of the amazing first drop! Notice the rail ties on the left extend out farther. That will be for the stairs that lead up the entire lift.

The beginning of the twist.

This is the start of the bottom of the drop.

The top of the lift hill from the front plaza of the park.

The lift hill from infront of the Sealion Staduim.

Here’s where the “breaking wave” turn will be.

The lift height looks alot taller from V2’s queue!

The structure for th zero g stall.

One of the last humps of the prelift.

I love this small little bump in the middle of the turn.

The construction crew must of tested the angle las time they were here.

Worth noting the orange marks.

The turnaround into the station.

This section is straighter than it was on Roar. I would assume this is where the second train will wait when the one in station is loading.

Notice how on the turnaround the track extends off the edge. This probably backs up my theory that the train will wait here instead of a storage like Roar.

Here’s the wntire breaking wave.

And finally we have the brake run. That’s all the track installed as of now.

Some parts such as bolts on the side of Superman’s queue.

Then it was time to go view the track in the parking lot!

The track is just out in the back of the parking lot at the top of the hill.

close enough?

The rail for side friction and up stop wheels!

Artsy track shot.

That concludes this update! Thanks for viewing!

Video Update


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