Anti-Onride Photography Movement

I’m dedicated to stop a new growing issue at Theme Parks around the country! This problem in particular is to help make riding coasters fun and safe for everyone. The park’s do their job to keep us safe, but we also need to pitch in! Among coaster fans and the general public, many bring their cell phones and cameras on board not knowing the danger it causes! If you were lose your phone on the ride and it were to hit somebody, you CAN POTENTIALLY KILL THEM! I kid you not. It is very serious. Would you really want to send to someone to the hospital because you wanted some footage for Instagram or Snapchat? It’s not. Please put your devices away no matter what it is. Chest harness or not, if it’s not approved by the park, you are making an enjoyable experience a potentially dangerous one. Leave it to professionals!

This issue has gotten so bad that Universal Studios Orlando has put metal detectors infront of their coasters so you CAN’T RIDE WITH ANYTHING ON YOU. That’s going to be reality at every theme park if this crisis isn’t contained! Please support this cause. Repost it on social media. And for the rest of January use #stoponridepics. Thanks for your time and please help theme park industry out by doing this!


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