The New Revolution Update #4

A lot more has been done since the last update!

I’d say 85% of the ride as now has been repainted!

I was walking towards the loop when I noticed that the bottom of the supports in that were just painted. You could smell the paint from it. I did touch it and it wasn’t still wet (which I assumed it wasn’t), but was probably painted last night.

The entire drop into the loop has been painted!

Here’s a close up on the new paint.

My attempt at being “artsy”

One of very few sections that need paint still.

All of the bushes have been torn out. Probably he first time these footers have seen sunlight in years!

Here’s the final helix and drop into the loop.

I really love the new paint…I can’t stress that enough.

Not sure if I like the station’s new paint…

The Baja Ridge sign has been completely removed, which kinda saddens me. Plantseeker? Is that you?

love the guard rails over the bridge!

The top of the lift has been repainted.

The turnaround into the mid course is now mostly completed…

Except for that.

I did notice something a bit weird. The primer on this section is much lighter than it was on other areas…

Finally, new brakes on the trims after the tunnel…hurray…not really…


One thought on “The New Revolution Update #4

  1. Do they really need those brakes after the tunnel always hated that part after they put them in cause I remember it isn’t really fast enough in that section where they need it

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