Ghost Rider Update #3

Starting off this update with the first drop! It’s just about ready to be retracked.

Some old wooden beam and catwalks near the prelift section.

Seems as if most of the lift hill track will remain untouched. They are also adding a chain trough as seen in the middle of the photo.

I saw this and it definitely looks weird. It’s kinda a hybrid between GCI and CCI track!

Here’s the queue area at it’s current state.

The turnaround where the MCBR was is completely finished!

Going back to the drop, you can see a few layers of track have been installed.

I’d say 95% of the track work is complete with the drop and a few steel plates to be installed.

The prelift is looking awesome!

Tons of coding!

This will end this update! Hopefully the ride will be up in April or May! We’ll keep you updated till then!

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