Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 2/27/16

After a long drive to Knott’s (because the 5 was closed), we finally arrived!

We parked in the grass parking across the street from Feista Village and Supreme Scream as we’ve noticed this is usually the quickest.

First up, we went to Xcelerator which was about a 30 min wait.

After that, I decided that I wanted to buy the new FunPix card so I can free digial copies of my on ride photos. I ¬†especially wanted to get because I there for my freind’s birthday and I thought it fun to have some pictures together.

After that, I went back to Xcelerator to take some picture while my friend and his family were waiting to ride.

Than we rode Supreme Scream which was a 5 min wait!

After that, we kinda wandered Ghost Town because the park was kinda crowded…

We all agreed on Supreme Scream again as it was the shortest wait in the park.

Knott’s had some very poor scheduling…Monte was down and everything other than Sidewinder was one train. Not to mention this day had 2 huge events (one cheerleader and another related to the Anahiem Ducks), plus cheep admission for Breast Cancer Awarness. Not a good combo. Jaguar was a 2 HOUR WAIT for most of the day. And even that can’t top the longest wait in the park which was….

3 hours for Silver Bullet! And yes, we waited for it! Was it worth it…not really, but we got…

THIS! Yeah, still not worth 3 hours…

We reached the station for Bullet at the perfect time though for a beautiful Boardwalk sunset!

So after Bullet, I really wanted to get some knott’s chicken for dinner. Nobody decided to join me, so I ate by myself…might sound sad, but it’s not when you’re eating Mrs.Knott’s Chicken! Best stuff on Earth!

After dinner, I went around the park taking long exposures.

I’m suprised I got this one without stablizing it somewhere. All handheld here which is really amazing because anything longer than a shutter speed of 1/60 of a second usually require tripods. I think I did this one at 1/2 or 1/4 of a second.

Supreme Scream lit up for the cure!

Before we left, we needed one more ride on Xcelerator! They it would be an hour and 45 mins, but it only ended up being 45 mins.

We finished our night with the Timber Mountain Log Ride because it was only a 5 min wait. This was actually my first time on it since the refurbishment a few years back where they redid all the theming. I was impressed!

That concludes this trip report! Thanks for reading!

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