Universal Studios Hollywood Trip Report 2/28/16

We got in the park 5 mins before opening. Due to the amount of construction walls, there were quite a bit of people crowding the main midway waiting for the park to open.

Many headed for Harry Potter which we knew wouldn’t open when the park does. Special thanks to California Coaster King’s for that info!

So first we did Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem as this ride gets crowded very quickly. Because of Potter, there was far less people waiting for it and we were on the first ride of the day. Which still means we sit through preshows instead of riding immediately. So that took 15-20 mins. I was with my good friend, Edgardo and his brother and they were absolutely blown away.

After that we tried to beat the crowd to Simpsons. There was about a 10 min wait and none of the preshows worked properly. The first one played and then repeated itself, the midway games characters weren’t displayed, and the final preshow was completely skipped.

Next we headed down to the lower lot so they could get their Mummy credit. Edgardo had low expectations for Mummy, but he came off surprised by the amount of airtime and how intense the launch is. We both agreed that the launch was almost as intense as Xcelerator’s. It’s really a shock that an old LIM coaster provides such a great launch.

After that, we did Transformers which was a 10 min wait. Sadly we got the back row, so visibility wasn’t the best. Still quite fun!

They wanted to ride Mummy again, so we did before heading back up.

Harry Potter did reopen, but none of us ate breakfast yet, so we ate in Springfield. I tried the Chicken Waffle sandwich since Krusty Burger was closed for refurbishment. I would not recommend getting what I got. Atleast not with the maple aioli on. It was just not good. Super sweet and super salty at the same time.

The Wizarding World was finally open for technical rehearsal. We were all amazed by the level of detail!

First thing we had to do was the Forbidden Journey!

Next we needed to get the coaster credit known as Flight of the Hippogriff.

They kept stopping the ride on the lift due to people taking out their phones.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The coaster has great theming! The hippogriff is a full moving animatronic and just looked fantastic!

It runs two trains which is great for a family coaster! Also has a decent pop of airtime! This ride is pretty much Sierra Sidewinder without spinning trains.

Got some frozen Butter Beer on the way out! The hype is real.

That will conclude this trip report. All I did for the rest of the time is ride the Fo0rbidden Journey and film a review. Also I didn’t mention much of Forbidden Journey because I’ll have an indepth review of the ride and the area.

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