New Revolution Update #6

Welcome to the final update from GAC on the The New Revolution: VR Coaster! Yesterday, we got to see the what the new area will look like! And it looks spectacular! Possibly better than the Screampunk District which was near Universal/Disney par! Without further ado, lets get started!

First, we have the electrical work for the chaser lights up!

The actual lights themselves have been installed. I expected them to be bulbs and not these nice LEDs! These LEDs are really good. You usually see them on newer flat rides and they are just gorgeous! If you’ve been on Gatekeeper at Cedar Point at night, you’ll recognize these as the lights on the sides of the seats.

Many trees have been removed or cut back so you can now see the loop. Before, it was completely hidden.

Here’s a tree stump from one of the trees that blocked the loop.

A second electrical box on the other side of the loop was installed.

This one has caused some controversy since I posted it on Social Media for the first time. Yes, the Grand Carousel is now the Grand American.

It appears by the two poles sticking up that there will be a nice ground level sign similar to the one Revolution received which I will show off in a minute.

Here’s a panorama of the work being done to the Grand Carousel.

Moving on ahead, you can see that they added the star from Revolution’s new logo to the fences around here.

I sure hope that they paint over the weld here. Being Magic Mountain, I wouldn’t be surprised if they it was just left like this.

Here’s the new ground level sign! I’m so glad they went with this style as Cedar Fair uses it nowadays and it looks alot nicer. For example, Gatekeeper’s (wow another example using GK in one post) is really nice. Here’s an Image of Gatekeepers!

Very glad Six Flags went with more of this style.

Here’s a view of the walkway up to the entrance.

The ride has 3 different entrance signs. Here’s the one on the bridge.

And this is the third which is really cool looking!

And here’s one of the trains. Not sure where the other is as it’s not in storage or the station. I was pretty sure there was two trains when they were testing it two weeks ago?!

And first signs of VR are appearing in the station! That bar on the side next to the chain is for the VR!

And to finish off the update, we have the booth where you will return the headsets!


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