The New Revolution Media Day 3/25/16

Ever since the VR Coasters for Six Flags was announced, I’ve been secretly “fanboying” a little bit. I never actually the thought the day I get to try a VR coaster would be so soon. I thought we wouldn’t see this in the US for another year or two. Not only did it happen much sooner, but it happened at my home park and is one of the first to open. When they announced this, I completely went nuts! I was so incredibly excited. I didn’t show I was excited, but deep down I was shaking due to how excited I was. I felt like a kid on Christmas! Without further ado, I’ll get started with my Media Day report.

I arrived at about 4:15 am…yes that early in the morning! I checked in at the table behind the small hoard of people.

The walked us in through a side gate in the picnic area and headed up to Chop Six. We were in a hurry, so I’m sorry for this blurry image.

We waited up by Chop Six till about 6ish. I found other ACEr’s and we killed the time by talking coasters. I love to hear other enthusiast’s stories. Definitely love hearing older enthusiast’s stories about when they rode like Colossus or Mean Streak for the first time and how much different it was. We may have waited an hour and a half longer than we expected, but we weren’t bored!

We finally got called up! We went through the ADA entrance by Chop Six. I actually told the employee who called us up that it would be easier to go through the ADA entrance and she said, “I completely forgot about that.” She agreed it was quicker so we went that way. Once you cross the bridge, you arrive at this desk located in the tower. They converted that tower just for VR headsets. Before it was unused and just a facade. They DO ACTUALLY CLEAN THEM! I watched them and talked to them about it. They’ve been seeing the remarks that I’ve been getting on my social media pages. They told me their proceedure and were happy to let me take video of it to show to you guys to prove how clean they are. They also very prepared for people to claim the VR got them sick from poor cleaning. They already expect people to blame them for getting sick due to it “not being clean enough.” I did see the proceedure and the kinds of wipes they are using. YOU WILL NOT GET SICK!

I was assigned to the back. I don’t know if there is preffered seating or not, but they wamted us to fill every seat for this as it was on the news.

Lights, Camera, but occasional action. It took quite awhile in-between rides. Not because of the VR, but because they were switching the camera’s feed to another station.

Here’s the second drop of The New Revolution with somebody wearing the VR headsets!

Here’s the inside of the headsets. Quite comfy.

They do use Samsung phones as the screen unlike the huge Oculus Rift. The actual headset is made by Oculus, but is very light weight.

After 6 rides (4 with VR and 2 without), I was running out of time. I need to take pictures of the ride now that the sun came out and then leave before 8:15 to get to school.

Here’s the exit which is absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s a sign right infront of the entrance which shows how to wear/use the Samsung VR headsets.

Here’s one of the signs for the ride. This one is really cool! It’s made out of colored rocks!

The stars on the fence were Repainted to blue over the last 2 days.

It was too bright to tell if the chaser lights were on, so I can’t report on that :/

All new Flowers were placed under the footers.

So do you experience in the VR you may ask? You are in a fighter jet during a war between aliens and humans. The city you’re in seems like San Fran or San Diego. You fly around the city under a huge mother ship spawning alien ships to attack you. You are defenseless after the lift hill as your gun gets knocked off. All turns were perfectly synced and the animation was smooth. I will say the animation is very glitchy. Like very glitchy. And this is coming from someone who the game Sonic 06′. If you look behind you, your gun follows you through the seat. The left gun also changes complete texture and length in certain directions. The gun will glitch out if you look straight up. Also sometime you start on the lift hill sequence when you’re supposed to be in the station segment. Not to mention the frame rate drops really low when you leave the hanger and stay inconsistent. Still very fun. The gun issues are stuff I tried to glitch out, so I can’t blame them for that. They don’t really expect you to turn all the way around and such.

Finally, the animation during the loop is unbelievably awesome! You dive under this giant robot loop around him!

That concludes The New Revolution media day. Also one side note: There’s a hidden easter egg once the animation stops. Look behind you once the screen turns black showing Samsung’s, Oculus’s, and Six Flag’s logo’s appear. Trust me do it! Also SO NOT OPT OUT OF THE VR! It won’t make you sick and it’s amazing!


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