The New Revolution: Season Pass Preview

When you walk up towards Revolution for the preview, you will be greeted with these guys here taking roll. I would suggest arriving 30 mins before your specified time. They could even let you in early, so get there early. I was the second person in line so I got on right away!

For those of you who haven’t signed up, you can actually wait on stand-by. If there’s any open spots or no shows, you can take their spots. It will require quite a bit of waiting. My friend didn’t have a time for this weekend, but he got on via stand-by 5 times!

I didn’t wait very long. Only about ten mins for a one train operation, so not half bad! The line was even out on the bridge! The VR doesn’t seem to slow it down too much more, especially since they give you instructions on how to board while in line. Something we didn’t have time for on Media Day. You already have the VR headsets strapped to your head by the time they choose a row for you, so less craziness while boarding. Also something noteworthy is that front row is not equipped for VR, so you can only ride in it without VR.

Once you get into your seat, you’ll buckle the seat belt and keep your lap bar up. Next you’ll pull down on your headsets and lock in the chin strap. And then your pretty much set. You can do some minor adjustments than the ride is off!

Finally when you get off, you can buy a shirt for 12$! These are extremely limited and say “First to Ride” on them. Be aware that they only take cash. If you only had your debit or credit card on you (like me) than you can buy one at the Six Flags Emporium for the same price. You must have a season pass in order to buy one though.

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