Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 3/27/16

I arrived at the park 15 mins after opening. I surprised at how little the crowds were at this time.

As soon as you walk through the gates, a photo op with Easter Bunny Snoopy was available.

First ride of the day was silver Bullet! It was finally back to two trains and was sporting a 15 min wait. Silver Bullet is the ride in the park you won’t be able to get on if you don’t do it first. Same with Sierra Sidewinder…which I actually haven’t ridden all year…

From Silver Bullet, you could see the new facades going up behind Pony Express.

All the rows were a 3 train wait, so be the impatient person I am, went to the hidden row 2 which was a 1 train wait. Nobody ever goes to it, because the line for the front row kinda blocks it.

I absolutely love Silver Bullet! I love that it doesn’t feel like a B&M!

Next was Xcelerator! It was an absolute walk on! I think I waited 1 ride and that’s it!

I’m always excited for a walk-on!

Because there was no line, I decided to ride again!

Here’s the red, white, and blue train out for maintenance. I find it a bit odd that they don’t take it inside for maintenance. They just do it right next to the storage track in plain site.

The ride did break down, so it ended up being a 15 min wait. I just love Xcelerator’s launch! It scares most, but for me, it’s my happy place!

I went to Pony Express as I haven’t ridden it since Haunt. Still one train and the line is out the entrance :/

I was surprised to find the Log Ride having a short wait! It was about 15 mins which isn’t bad at all!

After the Log Ride, we took a break and checked out the Boysenberry Festival!

After eating some amazing food at the festival, I tried to hit up Sidewinder, but the line was outside the entrance and all switchbacks were filled…yeah, not waiting for that…

Monte finally reopened and it didn’t have a very long line!

The wait for Monte was 25 mins when it should have been less than 15 mins. The ride ops were absolutely terrible! probably 5+ mins per dispatch…

Jaguar was finally back to two trains. Still had a 20-30 min wait which really isn’t worth it for Jaguar.

Supreme Scream was running all 3 towers and was a walk on! So of course I’m gonna take advantage of that!

And to end off the day, I decided to make my last ride be Xcelerator! The line was fairly short. Only 30 mins, which is worth it for Xcelerator.

Xcelerator was running a bit slow today. virtually zero airtime on the top hat. From below, most rides seem to just barley make it over. Needless to say, it’s still quite fun!



One thought on “Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 3/27/16

  1. I’m surprised the red, white, and blue train has maintenance looking at it. I never see it going. And wow. Knotts. Seems to finally understand the meaning of the 3 towers xP. I’m glad monte is operating again


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