Worlds of Fun Trip Report 4/22/16

The trip started off with a 3 hour flight from LAX to Kansas City. The park opened at 6 that night, so it worked out almost perfectly!

After about 2 hours of rest, it was time to head to the park! The first thing you’ll see is Mamba as it’s on the top of the hill and not to mention it’s huge!

The entrance to the parking lot went down this long stretch of road in between a small green hill!

To get to the park, you have to walk down one of two narrow walk ways around the side of a huge building. I would assume that’s there maintenance shop. Anyway, it’s a weird awkward walkway.

Once inside the park, they stopped me on the bridge to the Orient section of the park as it was still 5:45.

First ride I did was Spinning Dragons! I heard this was the ride you have to first because it has capacity issues.

The ride is extremely well themed! It’s such a beautiful ride!

You get a really good spin on this ride compared to Sierra Sidewinder! You spin so much! Plus this hill at the end provides some sustained ejector!  Very odd to have airtime like this while spinning! Just shows how airtimeless Cali is…even a spinning coasters have airtime outside of Cali!

Next up was Patriot!

It was fun, but I was surprised to find out it’s forceless :/ I actually expected some airtime as it has 2 giant hills it fly over at high speed, but nope, nothing.

Then I tried to get to Mamba which was not as easy as I expected. I thought the park was flat like Knott’s, but it’s actually quite hilly and screwed with my knowledge of the park layout. I knew the general direction like walk past Planet Snoopy and Detonator, but those hills really made it difficult!

Mamba was only one train which sucks because it’s a really long ride. Luckily the park was dead so it was only like a 2 train wait.

Mamba surprised me in that it only provided floater! Every hill, including the ones at the end that you’d think would be ejector. That’s not a bad thing though. I really enjoy floater and I haven’t experienced floater since July of 2015, so I welcomed it with open arms!

The one coaster I missed on this trip was Boomerang as it never opened. Something was wrong with the Cobra Roll and a lift was nearby.

So after finding out Boomerang would not be open this weekend, I went to Prowler!

The track was in much better shape than it’s evil twin, Apocalypse.

Prowler was very smooth! In the back row, I experienced little to no airtime…

The ride was more about lats rather than airtime. Prowler’s lats will catch you off guard!

I didn’t know if liked Prowler on the first ride. It wasn’t what I expected to be.

Being a Platinum passholder, I get half off of Ripcord, the park’s Sky Coaster! So I got on for 12.50$! This was my first Sky Coaster and it’s nearly double the height of SFMM’s! I was a little nervous for it as I didn’t know what to expect. I honestly thought it would hurt, because the cable has some slack when it first drops and then tightens when you’re about halfway down. It didn’t hurt whatsoever! It was an amazing feeling to pull that ripcord and fall over 200 feet!

After that, it was time for Timber Wolf! I was a bit scared for this one as it built by Dinn, the manufacture who built my worst coaster, Mean Streak. To this day, nothing has come close to being as bad as Mean Streak. Timber Wolf wasn’t too bad. The first half had been retracked by GCI so it was smooth in that part, but the helix is the part that hasn’t been retracked yet and has virtually zero banking and Timber Wolf goes through it at high speed! Then the rest of the ride is the original and it full of ejector! So much ejector in the second half!

Next was Detonator, which is a dueling S&S Space Shot drop tower!California Adventure use to have an amazing one called Maliboomer which was really well themed. Detonator is kinda better than Maliboomer, because both towers race up the tower at the same time. Usually there’s separate towers that operate dependently, but this one has both towers synchronized together!

Then I rode Patriot again, but this time in the back…still forceless.

Next up was Windseeker… I mean Steel Hawk! This is Knott’s old Windseeker! It was not allowed to reopen in Cali because Cal OSHA is the absolute worst! It’s cool riding the same ride in 2 different locations! Yep, I did ride it in the short amount of time it was at Knott’s.

Then it was time for some more Timber Wolf! I rode it like 3 times in a row because nobody was in line! This quickly became my favorite woodie! It’s very overlooked!

Then I rode Mamba again which was fantastic as always!

And to finish off the night, I rode Prowler front row on the last train of the night! OH MY GOD! Prowler at night destroys the Beast at night. You can’t see any turns coming and like I said early, the turns are intense! You go way out into the woods! Not to mention it was a full moon that night which just gave the ride an even crazier feel! The full moon was the only thing you could see! It was that dark!


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