World’s of Fun Trip Report 4/23/16

It was time for another day at the park. On this day I had to take my cousins to the park. I usually go by myself to parks so I’m very strict on getting there at opening and dedicating the day to coasters. Well, we didn’t get there till 10:45. I was a little disappointed to not get there at opening as the park was starting to get crowded. I have to remember, they don’t do parks like I do. They do more than just ride coasters all day long. My cousins were more of your average guest, so making strictly about riding as many rides possible wasn’t fun to them.

Since it was only the second week of operation, they had yet to process their passes. WoF was prepared for the heavy crowds passholder needing their passes processed. They didn’t it do it in the small building before the entrance where it’s usaully done. They did in the picnic area right next to the main gates. Expecting it to take awhile (because Knott’s takes forever), I went in to get on a few rides.

First up was Patriot! It was still a walk on surprisingly!

I was gonna try to get on Windseeker (it’s still Windseeker to me. I will never accept it as Steel Hawk), but the line was kinda long. Probably 3 ride wait which isn’t bad for CP or KI, but for WoF, it’s really understaffed and does 10 min dispatches.

Next up was Timber Wolf! The line was about 20 mins. It had really bad operations. About 5 mins per dispatch. They won’t open the gates till everybody from the previous ride has left the gates. So by the time the gates open, the other train is already back! It’s a fantastic coaster and worth the wait for sure, but the wait shouldn’t be that long.

After Timber Wolf, I got my kiddie coaster credit! I was surprised they didn’t kick me off 🙂 They said nothing about me being too big to ride or that I need a kid with me. They gave me a weird look, but I got the credit so I don’t care. And it makes up for Boomerang not being open 😉

After that, I went to Mamba. Being that it was in the back of the park, it was still a walk on!

I went into Dinosaurs Alive after that, because I missed CP’s and KI’s and now I get in free with my platinum pass. I wanted to see if I could get any cool views of Prowler. Sadlly no good views of Prowler except for one area where I could see the lift hill. The best angles were of Boomerang, so it was just able to taunt me more. Anyway, Dinosaurs Alive is absolutely terrible. Boring and most dinos don’t move. Granted some were pretty cool, but I would never pay extra to do it. If you have a gold or platinum pass, than it’s wirth doing once.

Prowler was still one train and half of the switchbacks were filled. Ummm…no thanks!

Found Zombie High hiding in the back of Prowler’s queue. It’s funny that the sign is still lit this time of year.

My cousins called me and said they were by Prowler. Funny I was there too. So we found eachother and went to Coasters for lunch! It was about a 30 min wait to order. Once inside, there was nobody inside and a ton of empty tables. Not to mention the found was done as soon as we ordered! Awesome operations if you ask me! The food was pretty good. The onion rings weren’t crispy like SFMM’s. They were still good, but the texture was like plastic, not like fried batter.

After lunch, I was egar to go ride Mamba, but they couldn’t ride it after they’ve eaten. So Fury 325…I mean Fury of the Nile it is! Our boat got stuck in the corner of flume for ten minutes and a countless number of boats passed us. It was pretty funny. We were stuck in a corner with nothing to do and none of the ride ops noticed. Luckily we caught the current after awhile made it back.

So it was time for Mamba again!

Aw, a classic! Never got to ride SFMM’s old Spin Out. I loved this! I makes me sad that MM no longer has it 😦

So my cousins left for the day, so I was on my own. The first thing I did was go to Timber Wolf 😉

I think this guy might like Timber Wolf more than me 🙂

When you exit Timber Wolf, you’ll see this wall. This is where Thunder Hawk was. It was Huss Top Spin similar to Knott’s Riptide which was also removed this year.

Spinning Dragons didn’t have too long of a line. It was about 30 minutes.

Patriot had a major breakdown that lasted for an hour or 2. When I got off Spinning Dragons, it just reopened and I walked on it! All these people rushed behind me and the line started to form again. I was just laughing!

After riding Patriot front row, I wanted to try Viking’s Voyage. Waited 45 mins for a disappointing log flume.

After that, I checked out Cyclone Sam’s! And holy crap! This was so well themed! It’s a Chance Wipeout, but inside with a ton of special effects. It looks like it’s gonna be really dumb when you’re loading, but once the ride starts, it’s so amazing! Black lights, sound effects, theming all over the walls, and the lights go on and off. Sometimes it’s pitch black and other times the black lights are on.

After that I got one last ride on Timber Wolf, Mamba, and Prowler. On Prowler, I was the last rider in line!

I absolutely loved this park! It was so well done! One of the best Cedar Fair parks I’ve expirenced! I personally like it more than King’s Island. It’s worth the trip out to this park!

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