Ghost Rider/Ghost Town Update #4

Starting off the update from Iron Reef’s queue, you can see this new tower being erected.

The walkway between Calico Mine Ride and Iron Reef was blocked off with no way through. Only way through was going around.

Here’s the construction wall from ground level as well as the new stage.

Here’s another view of the stage from the Boardwalk side.

This is the new tower from Calico Square.

Here’s a straight on view of the new stage.

They didn’t completely wall off the entire area.

Fresh concrete on one side of the stage.

Sorry for the out of focus picture, but it turns out this was best I took of the walls around the old theaters spot.

The old Pan for Gold is gone…

And was moved next to Ghost Rider!

Speaking of Ghost Rider, the track is complete and at least one train is on the track. I was actually hoping to catch it doing a test run today, but they were still doing some tweaks.

Heading outside the park, I found a few guys working inside the station.

The train is no longer in the station like Knott’s social media post the other day.

One guy was working on the transfer track.

A few others were welding near the first drop.

And there’s the GCI train!

And finally, Mrs.Knott’s Chicken has¬†reopened better than ever!

That concludes the final update on Ghost Town and Ghost Rider! Thanks for reading!

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