Joker Media Day

Before getting started, I want to thank Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for this awesome event!

After arriving at the park, they were chacking us in at Tsunami Soaker’s (now The Penguin Ride) operator booth.

They brought some of their penguins out before the opening ceremony began.

From the main entrance, we saw a couple mostly empty trains go by. You can see/hear the airtime from below.

Code Master taking a picture of me while I’m taking a picture of him.

The area looks very well done! You won’t be able to miss the entrance to the ride.

After the whole group of us were there, we set up shop for the opening.

Let the ceremony begin! Watch the live stream here:

We were smart and did our reverse POV right away so we didn’t have to wait. We still waited nearly an hour, but the line for the POV soon after was down the stairs.

The prelift was very awesome. Very similar to Twisted’s, but we all agreed it was cooler!

The lift hill was very fast and probably only takes 20 seconds to reach the top.

The drop is a bit weaker than Twisted’s drop in terms of airtime, but overall I like it better due to the twist.

The Step Under Flip is one of the highlights fro sure! The transition into does not look comfortable, but it’s actually quite smooth! It also slows through it more than I expect it to. You get some awesome hangtime on it!

The Zero G Stall is much slower than the Top Gun Stall on Twisted. It’s not zero g, it’s full on hangtime!

The outward banking is really hard to describe, but it’s quite forceful and awesome! Than the Wave Turn is slower than one might expect, but does provide a unique feeling.

Then you go into this strange outward banked airtime hill which provides an amazing pop of ejector!

You’ll be quickly whipped into this turn which is highly banked and quite forceful!

This hill starts the sustained airtime portortion of the ride! Right here is probably 2 seconds of sustained ejector! Quite strong too!

The 2nd hill of the Asian Camelback was a bit weaker and was only sustained for a second and half. Still a great surprise of airtime.

The next overbank was very intense and forceful! Then you go into the final inversion which was a Zero G Roll. I expected it to be very whipping like TC’s, but it was much slower and you go hangtime on this one as well! Like amazing hangtime!

The final hill had the strongest airtime on the whole ride! about 2 secs of sustained airtime.

Finishing off the media day report, we have Tsunami Soaker’s new retheme and name! Fits very well…but now only if they can involve those reals penguins from earlier into somehow 😉

That concludes this media day report! Make sure to stayed tunned to our social media pages for more pictures and videos! And make sure to check out this brilliant ride! Joker opens this Sunday!


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