Python Plunge Update #1

As soon as you walk into the park, you can see the construction fences and signs mentioning the new slides.

The first of the two remaining slides is being painted all red.

They aren’t done painting yet. It’s about 75% done.

Here’s some columns that are used to shape wet concrete.

Here’s one of the main footers which is finished and almost ready for the support column to be added.

They still have the Lizard Lagoon sign up, so I guess the tower won’t be renamed like how Bonzai is on Black Snake Summit. Only the three new slides are Python Plunge. Also the tower has been repainted bright green. It will surely be a rainbow of colors when done.

Here’s where Gecko Gully East use to be. I always found that slide to have an odd name as it was North facing, not East…

I found these pieces at the bottom of the stairs. I would assume these will be welded to the structure as a mount for new slides.

The Gecko Gully East side is another main footer completed.

The second remaining slide is now blue and is completely done.

Leaving the park, you can see that they filled the old splashdown pool with dirt.

All the pieces are still in the parking lot. This yellow/orange one will be replacing Gator Gorge and will be virtually identical, but with an open tube instead of closed.

Here’s the blue slide parts which will be replacing Gecko Gully West and feature a triple helix! The old Gecko Gullys only had a single helix!

Here’s the green slide parts which will replace Gecko Gully East and will also feature a triple helix. It’s a mirror image of the blue.

That wraps up this update! So it is confirmed that these aren’t just replacements as they will be different layouts! This is very exciting to actually get another new slide(s)!

Make sure to view our video update!


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