Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Trip Report 5/25/16

After a great media preview for Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, we headed down to the only park that was open during the week! First thing we saw was Undertow, the park’s spinning coaster.

After searching awhile for parking, we found a parking lot for 10$ right across from Undertow.

First up was Double Shot! This was my first Double Shot ride. I’ve ridden a few S&S Space Shots, but never a double shot model. They’re more or less the same except shorter, weaker, and you get two full powered launches. The acceleration is definitely weaker than the Space Shots I’ve ridden like Maliboomer, Detonator, and even Power Tower. The airtime at top was fantastic, but didn’t provide as strong of airtime as Maliboomer or Detonator, but was far stronger than Power Tower’s. Very fun ride that had amazing views of the ocean! Thought I’d never say that another S&S tower had better views than Power Tower!

Next up was Undertow which was a two train wait! We were very disappointed with the coaster. The spinning doesn’t start till after the second midcourse. The second midcourse was very slow and didn’t provide much momentum to get a good spin. If it unlocked it at the first midcourse right before the first drop than it would have started off spinning and maintained it for the rest of the ride. The coaster was very forceless in comparison to Sierra Sidewinder and Spinning Dragons. You don’t get a good spin to the final helix which is really lame. Spinning Dragons was nonstop, fast spinning from first drop till the point it get locks in the loading position. This was my first Maurer Sohne coaster and was very disappointed…

Next up was the park’s dark ride, Haunted Castle! This ride surprised us! It was done better than we had expected. It wasn’t too carnival like, but did share some qualities with it. The cars were similar to Iron Reef’s but had 2 rows of 2 instead of 1 row of 4 plus an extra car attached. The cars would spin you towards a scene that was about play out and was awesome! It used very Disney-ish effects mixed with cheap carnival ones which was odd. We were very impressed though!

Next up was the famous Giant Dipper. We heard so many good things about it and it’s airtime…but they didn’t live up to the hype. The coaster was pretty forceless and didn’t provide any airtime. The only good part was the prelift and the rest was a snore-fest. It wasn’t rough which was good, but very mediocre. Belmont’s Giant Dipper was so much better!

After Dipper, we did Fireball which is a Chance Revolution. It’s definitely the ugliest one I’ve ever seen! The ride cycle was weird as half through it slows down for a few swings and then speeds back up to it’s full height again.

Next we went on the Sea Swings which were a typical Wave Swinger. They went over the beach which was cool. Probably my favorite Wave Swinger.

The rest of boardwalk was closed because it was limited ride day. We knew this in advance so we weren’t mad or even disappointing. There was only flat rides which we’ve ridden at other parks and the Cave Train. The only thing we wanted to ride back there was Sea Serpent so we could get our kiddie coaster credit. So it was time to reride!

So we did Dipper again and got a slightly better ride, but still nothing amazing.

We rode Double Shot a few more times as it was, what we consider, the only outstanding ride in the park.

Than we rode Undertow a ton of times in different seating configurations to see if we could get a better spin. The best for me is when I went completely by myself. Even then it didn’t spin very much.

We rode Undertow till the park closed than got some their famous Chocolate Covered Bacon! That’s probably the highlight of the whole park! That stuff was amazing!


Overall, we both felt the park was kinda run down, had lame rides, and completely forgettable. It’s definitely a one and done. If you’ve never been, than you should go if you’re in the area, but it’s not a place I’d consider going back to in it’s current state.

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