Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Trip Report 6/4/16

Today, we decided to spend the majority of the day at Hurricane Harbor. We arrived about 30 mins before the park and the crowds out found were chaotic!

Everybody was very confused because the park seemed pretty understaffed for the amount of people there. There was only person to deal with the chaos. We were near the front of the gold pass and didn’t get in until 3 mins after the park opened. We were supposed to enter the enter the park at 10:10 and then they hold us inside until 10:20. We didn’t get through the main gate until 10:33. So many people cut us in line as well. Our party of 4 got separated by about 30 or 40 people!!! They just cut in front of us and didn’t care. They just wasn’t enough employees to monitor these people.

Like I said, we were in the front! This was the crowd of people that one or two employees had to control.

First up, we did Tornado which didn’t have any line yet.

Since we had 4 people today, we got really high on the walls!

Next we did Black Snake Summit as it has some of the lowest capacity in the whole park.

After that we did Bamboo Racer which was another walk-on! I won by the way!

After that, we wanted to beat the crowds to Tiki Falls! I got the middle side which is the most intense on that tower. Not much water was flowing through it, so I kept getting stuck on the sides of the side.

Then it was time Bonzai as it was starting to gain a line. Usually Bonzai doesn’t get a line right away as it scares people. I can’t tell you how much I love this slide! So amazing. What I found odd though is that everyone on the tower was waiting for the Black Snake Body Slides at the top and nobody for Bonzai…So we walked right on! I did Bonzai Orange. I personally don’t like Bonzai Blue as it hurts my back.

Bonzai’s operations were amazing today! They had two lifeguards up there. One for the two Black Snake slides and another for both Bonzais. Usually it’s just one running all 4.

We noticed something fantastic today! They lifted the ban on wearing shirts on the body slides! We saw a lot of people going down Bonzai and Taboo Tower with shirts! They use to have a very strict policy about wearing shirts on the body slides. Only park I’ve ever seen do it, but it appears they removed the policy!

After Bonzai, we rode Lightning Falls which was awesome as always!

After Lightning, we went to Lost Temple Rapids. This was the longest wait of the day. Only 20 mins though.

Then it was time for lunch at Cowabunga Burger which only serves Asian food… I forgot to mention that all the food in the park got an upgrade this year and every small place serves different things now. They didn’t remove the old sign yet.

This is the Hurricane Plate! It’s more tropical than traditional. It’s teriyaki beef and chicken over rice! It’s even better than Chop Six at Magic next door!

After lunch, it got really crowded. So we did Splash Island. We climbed the tower to find any water features that were working. Most of them weren’t working today, such as the giant bucket… Still really fun, but the water there is freezing. It was over 105 degrees out and I was shivering coming out of Splash Island.

Finally we spent the next couple hours in the lazy river and wave pool till we were tired.

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