In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

On June 6th I got to preview Ghost Rider at Knott’s in the very back!

The entrance didn’t change at all. It’s still the gaint mine you enter through.

The queue is just as amazing as it once was! So much theming!

Inside the building it was packed tight full of switchbacks. Luckily only half were filled.

When we were heading up the stairs, all the switchbacks were now filled.

You turn the corner and head up the 2nd set of stairs in this tight space.

Than up the 3rd set.

They have some nice theming going up the stairs. The family infront of us had a smaller kid who actually thought it was 133′ deep.

20′ is a better estimate 😉

Luckily they didn’t have the switchbacks in the station today! So it was not too crazy up there. You do get to pick your rows which I feared wouldn’t be case as newer Cedar Fair rides don’t allow you to choose. Banshee didn’t and I from what I’ve heard, Fury 325 and Valravn are like this. Ghost Rdier still allows you to pick your own rows! The back 2 rows are separate from the rest.

The seats on Ghost Rider are weird. They aren’t cushy like other GCI’s. They were very hard and a bit uncomfortable. They had pre made indentations as well.

I didn’t have time to take photos of Ghost Rider in motion today. It got too dark. So I’m going to be using old construction pics.

Just from the start of the prelift, you can tell how smooth it will be!

The lift now makes the classic GCI sound!

That first drop is crazy intense! It feels a whole lot steeper than it really is!

The first camelback had some pretty decent floater! Not as good as Mamba’s or Diamondback, but solid floater!

The turn around felt identical to the old Ghost Rider. The banking isn’t perfect giving it the old feel! So glad they didn’t redesign that!

The second turn around is so awesome! It flys through it! Love the absence of the MCBR! You catch so much airtime coming off of that drop!

The second half is all full of Ejector and insane lats! The final helix feels like it has zero banking making the lats very intense! Very reminsent of Timber Wolf’s helix!

Ghost Rider is now my favorite coaster at Knott’s! It’s intense and glass smooth, yet feels wooden! Make sure to come out and ride this beast! Open June 11th!

One thought on “In-Depth Review: Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry Farm

  1. Valravn allows you to pick your row only if you happen to get to the top of the stairs and there are still spots open and no fast lane people to contend with. I got to pick my row every time on Fury, but both times I rode it right after opening on a Friday in April with the park fairly dead. Glad to hear how great the ‘new’ ghost rider is — can’t wait to get out to Cali one day.


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