Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 6/6/16

We arrived at the prk right at opening.

We first went to Ghost Rider to see if it would soft open. They said most likely not, but if it was, it would be open at night.

First up was Silver Bullet which had a 20 min wait.

From Bullet’s station, you can get a good view of the new theatre.

Next we did Xcelerator! Here we met up Connor!

Then we rode Iron Reef. Edgardo kicked my butt! 201000 to 97700…yikes. Then there’s Connor with 0.

Then we got some Boysenberry Soft Serve!

After that we went to Timber Mountain as Connor never rode it while he was here.

Connor left after Timber Mountain, so we hit up Montezooma’s Revenge!

It was the afternoon now and we were hungry so we went to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner for lunch.

After an amazing lunch, we went on Sierra Sidewinder which was a 15 min wait.

We did Wave Swinger on the way to Supreme Scream which was a walk on. Very rare for it!

Then we did Supreme Scream which was a 15 min wait!

We did Silver Bullet again which had a shorter line than before, but took 5 mins longer due to bad operations.

Next we did the Calico Mine Ride. It had the shortest line I’ve ever seen. It’s never more than a 10 min wait, but there wasn’t even a single person in line! We got our own car to ouselves!

We went over to check on Ghost Rider. Still not open, but we were now told it would most likely open.

Then we got some Funbuns! They are still the most amazing thing on Earth!

Then we did Timber Mountain again!

After that, we did the Sky Cabin which was a walk on.

Then we went to Xcelerator again!

Xcelerator was running really well! 4 secs of sustained ejector on the top hat!

Ghost Rider finally opened!

We waited about an hour which isn’t too bad!

After finishing the switchbacks below, we finally made it to the station. They luckily were not using the switchbacks uptop so we didn’t have to wait too long.

The trains looked really awesome! They weren’t comfy though like most GCI’s…the seats were quite hard, but it didn’t end making much of an impact as the ride is glass smooth!

Every 2-3 rides, it would get stuck and somebody would have to go fix it.

We waited for the very back which was awesome and full of airtime! Also very intense. This line for the back car actually has the back 2 rows in it so it’s not as long as it might appear.

Ghost Rider is absolutely amazing! It’s our favorite coaster in the park! We’ll have a full in-depth review later! Thanks to Knott’s for an awesome day!

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