Knott’s Berry Farm Trip Report 6/18/16

We arrived at the park around 9:20 and the parking lot wasn’t too crowded yet.

Early Entry was terribly disorganized. There were no signs until you got up past the ticket booths. Once we got up there, we found out we were in the wrong line. Then we get in the right line which is moving extremely slow. Once we got up to the gate, the computer froze for about 5 mins. Early Entry started at 9:30 and we didn’t get in until 9:52. Quite a bit frustrating!

Luckily Silver Bullet was open and it was a walk on!

We still had a few mins until the park officially opened, but Knott’s thought it would be a good idea to let everybody into ghost town and OPEN THE LINE FOR GHOST RIDER! They opened the line, but the ride wasn’t even running! Who does that!?! That’s the dumbest thing ever as the line was out to the tunnel! It was an hour and 15 min wait!!! This made me pretty upset as they know this is the most popular ride in the park and everybody would just wait in line even though it wasn’t even open. Stupid.

It was still worth the wait! Still the best coaster in the park!

On our way to Xcelerator, we were greeted by a character from the Calico Post Office who sent us on a mission to deliver a letter to the train station! It was really awesome! That made this park go from my 7th favorite to 4th favorite park!

Ghost Rider really rook the lines away from Xcelerator! At a little after 11, Xcelerator was still a walk on!

Xcelerator was running extremely fast! I grayed out from the bottom of the top hat all the way to the brake run! We rode it twice in a row and the second time, I thought I was gonna pass out from the G-force! Awesome!

After that, we did Supreme Scream which was running all 3 towers and we walked right on!

After lunch at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken, we did the Calico Mine Ride!

Then we went to Jaguar since we haven’t ridden it since the repaint! It was about a 10 min wait and totally wasn’t worth it as the ride is extremely bland. It would be awesome with VR! Please Knott’s, add VR to Jaguar!

Then we finished off with Montezooma’s Revenge which had absolutely nobody riding it! It was even a walk on for the front row!

Because it was hot, we thought it would be a good idea to do Soak City…nope! Worst idea ever!

The lazy river is pretty much the only thing we did…There were barely any life guards controlling the crowds! It was pure chaos and not to mention disgusting!

We also did the Wave Pool which was weird. The water was cold, but the waves were warm. It was a strange feeling.

We got of the park asap. Such a terrible park. By far the worst park I’ve been to. Even on days where the park is dead, it’s a disgusting excuse of a park. This trip solidified my opinion on this park. DO NOT GO TO SOAK CITY!

When we got back into Knott’s, we hitched a ride on the Calico Train!

From the train you could see Pony Express’s flywheel launch system going through maintenance. Hopefully the ride will be up and running next time!

When we were going around Iron Reef’s building, the train was hijacked by bandits!

You get some great views of the boardwalk rides from the train!

The train is pretty short. Probably less than 5 mins, but you do get some great views!

After getting off the train, we did Xcelerator again!

Then we had dinner from Papa Loca! Amazing fries there!

Then we couldn’t leave without another ride on Silver Bullet! Which was still a walk on!

The we finished off our day with Ghost Rider which was supposed to be an hour wait…but it ended up being 2 hours! You know why? There were a ton of kids and teens abusing the ADA system. There were atleast 50 of them doing this. They would get on and immediately get back in exit and do it again. Some trains were filled completely  with “ADA” riders. This makes me mad as I qualify for ADA and don’t use because I don’t really need it. These people used a removable brace as the reason to use ADA. If you don’t need an elevator or if you’re not gonna to have a panic attack in line, you don’t need to be using ADA! This is really sad! Such disrespect towards people who actually need it.


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