Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip Report 6/25/16

Walking up to security was a pleasant surprise! No line! Usually it’s a 10-15 min wait on a Saturday. So this was quite awesome!

First up was Full Throttle of course! Still my favorite in the park and my #2 overall! Such outstanding hangtime and the ejector going down the “top hat” is short lived, but almost as strong as Maverick at Cedar Point.

Next was Twisted!

TC was only 2 trains as they were bringing back the purple train from maintenance. The orange train was taken completely off the track and is already in the backlot. The purple only has 2 cars attached to it right now.

Next up was Scream which was really rough and rattely. It was still tolerable, but it’s gotten pretty rough.

Next I did Drop of Doom. I ended up loosing one of my contacts on it while going up. Worse timing possible.

After that I did Batman which was running quite smooth.

After that, I did Green Lantern which was still a walk on! They let me ride completely by myself which I’ve never seen them do! Being that there was no weight on the over side at all, I was facing straight down! It was so amazing!

Then I went to Apocalypse which was a 10-15 min wait. I still really enjoy this ride. Still don’t find rough.

Though I don’t think it’s that rough, the track definitely has seen better days!

I finished with some Chop Six and a ride (using single rider line) on Revolution. Revolution had about 10 min dispatches as the ride ops were just talking to each other the whole time instead of trying to get the train out on time.

And that concludes this trip report!

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