Python Plunge Opening Day!

The gold pass line today was really quick! We walked right on in! They held us at the Flash Pass Kiosk till 10:20 which is when early entry starts.

Hunter and I were the first to enter the line! We raced down the two Python Passage slides (the triple helix ones). I beat him down so I was crowned the first official rider of Python Plunge! I was greeted by DJ Nel who interviewed me right after reaching the bottom! He did poke fun at the fact I was wearing a Wet’N’Wild shirt.

Python Passage East was really cool and was the brightest inside of the 2. Also the first 2 helices are steeper on it. You get pretty high on the walls on the final helix! Not to mention the slides were very smooth.

Next, Hunter and I switched slides. So this time I did Python Passage West. This one is darker inside as every other piece is translucent. The final helix is steeper than East’s, but is slower for the first two helices as they’re at a shallower angle. Still smooth as butter!

Next we did the orange slide that replaced Gator Gorge…Python Plunge! This slide was pretty much identical to Gator Gorge, but open instead of enclosed. Though the drop isn’t as steep as Gator Gorge, it does have a tighter curve which causes you to catch some good air! The ending is a bit of a let down because the old one use to land in a pool instead of trough. Overall this slide was kinda meh. I personally preferred Gator Gorge, but this one was pretty good. It’s pretty much a mini Bonzai Blue. You don’t hit the water at the bottom immediately like Bonzai Blue and come to a much smoother stop.

Now that we did all Python Plunge slides, it was time to hit up the two remaining old White Water West Slides. They were resurfaced and repainted. First one was Iguana Ravine which was so much smoother than before! Still a little rough, but no back scratches like it use to give! This is the only slide on the tower that still lands in a pool.

Finally, it was time for Gecko Gully, the other White Water West Slide! This one was much smoother too. Layout is nearly identical, but lands in a trough instead of a pool. The landing was not smooth, but that’s my only complaint on that slide. They did a great job fixing those two up!

Here’s the shaping of the orange splashdown. This is why it’s smooth. You don’t hit a wall of water, you ease into it!

Here’s the splashdown area. When it was Gator Gorge, this use to be a pool. They filled it up so now you have these.

These slides are great additions to an already fantastic water park! My personal favorite is Python Passage East (green) as it had some great turns that were quite intense! Highly recommend checking them out! I also want add that Bonzai was closed all day, so don’t be surprised if it’s not open this weekend. Make sure to view our opening day video of Python Plunge!


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