Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA Trip Report 7/28/16

I arrived at the park at around 10 after 10. There was no line for security and walked right in.

The Gold Pass line was extended all the way out to the end of the SFMM line. Its bring a friend free day so many were guests being brought in by their season pass holder friends, which is why the line was long.

I got into the park at 10:17, so I had to wait 3 mins till early entry started.

First up was Python Plunge! First I did Python Passage East (Green) then went back up to do Python Plunge (Orange). The second time up there, there was this kid wearing a red shirt (I will refer to him as Red Shirt Kid for this post. This is isn’t only time I saw him today). He was the most indecisive kid I’ve ever seen! He wanted to do Python Plunge (Orange), but kept bailing when he stepped into the water. He did this for a good 5 mins before going on the older White Water slide, Gecko Ravine. He held the line up so badly because nobody could go until he went.

Next, I went to Bonzai Pipelines! I rode Orange first then went back up to do Blue. Both were very fun today! A little too much water going down Orange, but Blue had the perfect amount.

Then I went to Lightning Falls which only had 3 rafts remaining down below when I got there. I expected the line to be huge uptop, but it was walk on. They must of had a limited number of tubes today. Probably 10 singles and 5 doubles.

Tiki Falls reopened so I hit that up! It had a lack of tubes as well.

The last month, there has been an issue with an underground pipe which has been causing the midway to flood. Last week, they finally were fixing it (which is why Tiki was closed). You can see that Tiki no longer has switchbacks in the queue as the concrete was ripped up to get to the pipe. You can see the newer concrete here.

Then I went down to the Black Snake Summit tube slides, which also had a lack of tubes. This slide is consistently having water pressure issues causing people to get stuck in it. Today it had the most water I’ve ever seen! The one drop the slide has, had some good airtime. My butt and tube were off the slide for a good second or two!

Next I did Bamboo Racer. The line was really long for how early it was. Getting up to the top, I realized why…2 of the 6 lanes were closed.

I went to go do Bonzai one more time before eating lunch. Inline, there was a woman holding a spot for her son…That son was the Red Shirt Kid. As soon as I saw him take her spot, I was wondering why? He couldn’t do any of the Python Plunge slide which are 35′ tall, how in the world is he gonna one of the four 75′ tall slides?! After reaching the top of the tower, I see him at Bonzai Orange doing the same thing. This time was probably 10 mins. Most were doing the Black Snake slides and the others were doing blue, so the line moved quickly even with that kid. When I was next, he still didn’t go down. I said I wanted to do which ever less people were waiting for, so I got orange. The lifeguard was so fed up with him. She’s like “you need to step inside now, we have people waiting.” He won’t even step inside, he just looks through the opening in the trap door. I told him it wasn’t that bad. And kept refusing to step in. Eventually he gave up and did one of the Black Snake slides. So I stepped in and took his place. At the bottom, that kid’s mom was waiting and watching him do Bonzai. She didn’t realize he did the others instead.

For lunch I had Chicken Nachos. Crow’s Nest changed their menus again. They had Flat Bread last week, now they’re back to hot dogs and nachos. The Nacho Cheese was cold, which they told me in advanced. It was fine though. Nothing spectacular. Also there’s alot of bees in the park so be prepared for them to fly on your food.

Before leaving, I got some Ice Cream from Six Below!


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