Dollywood Trip Report 8/3/16

Leaving our room and waiting for the elevator gives you some great views of the surroundings!

When staying at the hotel, you get a free Timesaver Pass aka Fast Pass. It’s the same as the Six Flags ones but give you much better benefits.

Oncethe shuttle got us to the park, we went in and starte off with Thunderhead! Thunderhead was fantastic! Full of great pops of airtime! But it was extremely rough. About on par with Timber Wolf. Made Apocalypse looks smooth!

Then we reserved a time for Mystery Mine with our Q-bots and did Wild Eagle! Wild Eagle was my 100th coaster! Awesome ride. Way more forceful than GateKeeper. The layout was lacking, so overall I’d say GateKeeper is better, but Wild Eagle is still amazing!

Next up we did Timesaver on Mystery Mine! I absolutely loved this coaster! The first 90 degree drop was quick but had intense ejector! The second 90+ degree drop wasn’t as good, but still kicked butt!  The finale was amazing! Very similar to EL Loco! Overall the ride is very similar to EL Loco. The front is not that good though. Too rattely in the front and smoother and more intense in the back. Also the theming is amazing!

Then we did Tennessee Tornado!  Awesome and smooth as butter Arrow Looper! Though it’s more modern, I prefer the classic arrows like Viper and Vortex more. It was very forceful though! Also 1 train operations.

After that we used time saver on Firechaser which a 45 min stand-by. Also it was running 2 trains instead of it’s usual 3. Very fun ride. Very similar to Rewind Racers. The launch sadly felt faster than Full Throttles in terms of acceleration.

Then I did Mystery Mine again with Timesaver.

Wild Eagle was still a walk on so I had to do it!

We were tired so we wanted to head back to the hotel. So we walkd around the other way on our way out.

Lightning Rod still down!

That concludes this trip report. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the park, so I’m not including that in. Make sure to check out DW Vlog Day 1!

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