Carowinds Trip Report 8/6/16

I arrived at the park a little after opening.

Walking towards the main gate, the first thing you’ll see if Fury 325! It stays really low to the ground making it a little terrifying when it passes overhead!

Of course the first ride of the day had to be Fury 325! It’s not as close to the main gate as I expected. It’s more towards the back of the park which puts in perspective the sheer size of this coaster! The line was pretty short. Probably 10-15 mins. The trains themselves were pretty much identical to any other B&M hyper. Just as comfy. The lift was extremely fast for a chain lift. I think it only took 45 secs to reach the top. The lift does constantly change speed like Twisted’s green lift as the train infront of it hasn’t cleared the next block. The drop was kinda lackluster and same with the first half. Once you hit the Treble Clef, the ride becomes amazing! Full of sustained ejector. The ejector is weaker ejector like the moments found on Twisted Colossus. Overall though, it’s a great ride! It’s gaining a pretty bad rattle and has some flaws with it’s layout, but its a really fun ride!

Next up was the Hurler which was next door to Fury. This coaster is the most forceless and boring coaster I’ve ever ridden. More forceless then GateKeeper and more point/boring than SFMM Goliath. It’s quite smooth which keeps the ride from being bad…it’s just stupid. The bottom of the first drop is heavily trimmed and the rest of the is extremely slow and just barley makes it over the hills. I had some hopes for Hurler, but it was just not good. It’s worth the coaster credit, but I’ll probably never ride it again.

Next up I did Carolina Cobra, the parks Vekoma Boomerang…You’re probably asking yourself, “why would you ride that before riding Intimidator or Afterburn?!?!” Well that’s because it’s on the way to Afterburn and Boomerangs typically get long lines due to low capacity. Also this will be my first time riding with the new Vekoma trains. I had to wait 4 ride cycles when I could of done it in 2, because Fast Lane took up half of the train. I got the very back row once I got up to the front. The vests were much more comfortable than I expected. The vest part doesn’t lock so you can still move around. It has some resistance, but it does move with your body. The ride is just as rough as any other boomerang, but the vest restraints make eliminate all headbanging so you don’t have to brace for impact. Much more enjoyable!

Then I made it over to Afterburn which had it’s line out the entrance…Luckily though none of the switchbacks were filled so it was like 15 mins! I got back row and boy is this ride intense! I greyed out from the first vertical loop all the way to the zero g roll which is the 3rd inversion! The batwing is also pretty intense! The airtime hill is airtimeless, but it does give you a nice break as the ride is relentless. The final corkscrew and helix is pretty much the same as the Batman clones ending! Overall, an amazing Invert!

Next, I did Intimidator! I had to wait through 3 of the switchbacks which was a 30-40 min wait. The ride does stack a lot just like what people said. I got the very back and I found the ride to have great floater! It wasn’t trimmed too badly. The ride was really good!

After grabbing a quick lunch at Panda Express, I tried out Vortex, the park’s stand up! The trains were the older model and were loud when the seats were unlocked. Though the trains are tighter then the more modern ones, I enjoyed these trains better. The ride was just as smooth as Riddler and had a cool layout! This coaster doesn’t need the floorless treatment just yet. It’s still running quite well!

And then I rode Fury a ton of times! Got front row, middle, back, pretty much every row. But after every ride, I’d have to get a water cup as the humidity and heat was killer. So after enough rides, I called it a day.


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