Halloween Horror Nights (USH) Trip Report 9/17/16

I arrived at Universal at around 6:35. The park had been open for early entry for 5 mins already. I didn’t even bother to check which mazes would be open during that time, so I just waited for Texas Chainsaw Massacre to open since it’s right there. Also I came to the park still being sick, so I took it easy.

The queue for it went around the pathway to Water World and slightly inside the stadium. The maze itself is located in the queue for Water World. So as soon as you exit the stadium section of the queue, the entrance is right there. For the maze itself, it was pretty mediocre. The maze had no roof which just ruined the atmosphere. If you looked up, you could see the blue shade structures for the Water World queue.

Scary: 4/10

Theming: 4/10

Story: 2/10

Overall: 10/30

Next, I checked out the new year round maze, The Walking Dead. Hadn’t yet been on it, so I was very excited to see what the House of Horrors replacement was like. Overall, the theming is amazing, but the scares and story lack a lot. Not to mention it’s probably 1/3 of the size of House of Horrors. I personally thought House of Horrors was far superior for many reasons. First being House of Horrors was pretty much a monster hall of fame, second, much scarier, third, zombies really don’t pose much of a threat if you keep moving. They never really come at you fast or with any weapons.

Scary: 3/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 3/10 (not much is established, you just walk through all the sets from each season)

Overall: 16/30

Next, I went to the Lower Lot to check out Halloween, which was the best maze last year! It didn’t live up to last years. For one, never liked the location it was put in. It’s just built under a tent and a lot of the rooms have no ceiling, which was not a problem last year! Last year’s was completely covered making it actually feel like it was inside. The maze felt like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride from Disneyland in a walk through version. You get like that weird hellish ending like Mr. Toad. Also the wait time said 40 mins, but it was actually 120 mins!!!

Scary: 7/10

Theming: 6/10

Story: 5/10

Overall: 18/30

Next up, I did the 3 rides the lower lot has to offer. First was Mummy where both the stand-by and Front of the Line had extremely long waits. Front of the Line was probably a 25 min wait. Luckily, single rider was still open and had not one person in it! Got front row and got a decent ride on it.

Next I did the only ride that gets an upgrade for Halloween and that is Jurassic Park: In the Dark! It has unique lighting effects and a change in music before the drop! It’s awesome! I did get the front by using single rider and got completely drenched. I don’t know why, but they had every water effect (except the cannons on the drop). Odd for how cold it gets at night.

To dry off, I did Transformers. I did single rider and got the back. So because you can’t see in the back due to the ride not having stadium seating, it’s better just to sleep in the back, which is what I did.

Then I got some dinner at Luigi’s which was alright at best. I was expecting Disney style Alfredo, which it was not.

After that, I went through the 2nd Purge scarezone. “Wait, 2nd? You mean there’s more than one?!?” Yes, there’s infact 4! All scare zones are the Purge. The second scare is just a really wide maze as you can only go one way. It has no line so if you want a quick scare, go do that.

Next, I waited an hour for Terror Tram which looked like it would be the best Terror Tram yet…No…it’s the worst. It’s the same thing as the rest, but with clowns instead of the Walking Dead or Purge… It’s literally just rehashing the same crap with new characters. I never understood the purposes of Terror Tram as you don’t really ride the tram for more than a couple mins.They just take you to the Baits Motel in the backlot and just kick you off into a maze like walk through. They make you wait a 2nd time after you pass the Motel for like another 15 mins!!! I wanted to just walk back to the park as it would be quicker…& more fun! Well you HAVE to get through the maze to get back to the trams. It’s just an utter snorefest! Not scary, just a waste for your time and a disgrace to HHN.

Scary: 1/10

Theming: 1/10

Story: 2/10

Overall: 4/30

Most of you are probably like, “geez Maverick, can you not be so harsh on USH?” My response to that is I’m gonna be harsh when I paid 64$ to attend and expect quality! But, at this time, I only did the worst things the park had to offer.

Heading out to the Backlot mazes, I first did Krampus which was a 15 min wait! I really enjoyed this one! It wasn’t spectacular, but it was the best of the night so far!

Scary: 6/10

Theming: 8/10

Story: 9/10

Overall: 23/30

Next was Freddy Vs. Jason! And oh boy, this was the grand daddy of HHN 2016! So intense and so well done! It’s Alien Vs. Predator on steroids! It took everything that made that maze amazing and improved on it for Freddy Vs. Jason!

Scary: 9/10

Theming: 9/10

Story: 7/10

Overall: 25/10

Finally, we finish the night with American Horror Story! Now, I’ve never seen the show, but now I want to! The scenes were so ambiguous that even someone like me who hasn’t seen it can understand what’s going on. It’s separated into 3 sections; Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel. Murder House was the longest segment, with Hotel being the shortest with only a few rooms.

Scary: 8/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 6/10

Overall: 24/30

And that concludes the night! The only maze I missed was Exorcist due to it a being 3+ hour wait for most of the night! Overall, I think Universal can step up their game. The other Cali parks I think dominate HHN. They are very hit or miss.


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