NEW VR Experience for Holiday in the Park

Yesterday, Six Flags released the 2016 Holiday in the Park trailers for each park that participates in the event. All were more or less the same. Some used different clips, but they all followed the same layout. The last 10 seconds on each was about the coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s had an added part to it. A logo for a new VR Coaster experience. None of the other videos the Six Flags parks posted had this in it. I watched them all to check. SFMM was the only one.

So what is this VR experience? It’s called Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride: Virtual Reality Coaster. It will be sponsored by The Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas.

Nothing else is known. No press release. Nothing. So what will the experience be like? What coaster will it be on? Will it be featured at other parks? Nobody knows yet. It will most likely be on The New Revolution as it’s already equipped with VR, but they may move it to another Coaster. Possibly Scream, Ninja, or even Tatsu. But still most likely Revolution. They will probably appear at other parks, but if they don’t, this year is probably a test to see how successful it is. Also may not go to other parks because of weather issues. In SoCal  it almost never rains. They can’t operate VR in rain, snow, and even fog. Even the fake fog for Fright Fest has been messing with The New Revolution. As far as the experience goes, it will be you riding on Santa’s sleigh most likely, but no plot is known.

Here’s the image of the logo:

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