Buffalo Bill’s Trip Report 10/22/16

We arrived in Primm at around 10:45. Desperado has very weird operating times. It doesn’t open till noon. It’s very weird mosly because a lot of people pass by it in the morning. So in the meantime we went to outlet mall next door.

The line to get tickets for the ride opened 10 mins late and only had one cashier. It took till 12:30 to actually get our tickets. The train just left the station as we got up there, but we were the only ones in line. So we got to choose the front.

The ride ops said some very strange things to us. Like one threatened to call security if we were to run down the exit ramp. Like we had no plans to and didn’t run at all while there, so I don’t know why they told us specifically?

As for the ride itself, I enjoyed it. It’s no Magnum XL-200, but it has a fairly decent layout. The lift starts in the casino and rises out of it. The drop is decent. It’s definitely better than the drop on Goliath. Even though they are about the same angle of decent, Desperado has better shaping to it’s drop.

After hitting 80 mph (not 90 like the casino claims), you get thrown into this weird wave turn like element. We joked that it looked similar to Fury’s Treble Clef.

After doing a turnaround, you get thrown into three giant airtime hills. Each of which have decently strong ejector. Espically the 2nd hill.

Then you hit the mid-course. It didn’t really slow us down at all so the 2nd still haulled ass! The 2nd half is more like a mine train as you just weave and bob out of caves in this man-made mountain.

Overall, a pretty good ride. Not one of the best hypers, but it does provide an intense and unique ride!


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