NYNY Trip Report 10/22/16

We arrived at the Las Vegas Strip around 5:20.

It was extremely frusterating to find parking. The arena at the back of NYNY was having a big event and parking would have been $20!

After 40 mins of searching, we parked at the MGM for 7 bucks. Then we walked down to the NYNY hotel.

After forking over $15+ per ticket, it was time to ride the last Togo in the US! The wait was short, but it took about 20-30 mins extra because they went from 3 trains to 2 train operations.

Now was the ride any good? Yes and no…it has a pretty cool layout, but the restraints and roughness ruin the ride. It’s not unbearble by any means, but not enjoyable either. It’s not quite as rough as Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it’s close to being that rattley and rough.

The first drop is decent. It feels like the second drop on The New Revolution. Slightly rough, but overall not bad!

Then comes the first turn which isn’t so bad either.

Then you reach the second turn which is where all hell breaks loose! So much bashing back and fourth.

Next you enter a rough transition into the loop.

Then you go into the classic Togo style dive loop. The transition into the 180 degree twist is actually glass smooth, but when you hit the half loop down, the roughness returns! Next you hit the midcourse and go into the second half of the ride.

The last few hills and turns are amazing! You get a moment of sustained B&M/Morgan style floater and an extremely forceful helix!

Finally the ride ends with a view inside the casino and then back into the station.

Though I said the last few turns and hills had some great forces to them doesn’t mean it still isn’t insanley rough. It’s overall a meh coaster, but it would be a good coaster if it was smooth. It’s worth trying, but just prepare to be tossed around quite hard.

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