Frightdome Trip Report 10/22/16

On the 22nd of October, we attended Frightdome in Las Vegas! This is one of the best haunts in the country! We got front of the line as the lines at Frightdome are massive and you get an exclusive 6th maze!

When we got into the park, we first did EL Loco which was outstanding as always!

Then we did the located under EL Loco’s station, Five Night’s at Freddy’s. The line was already extremely at about 45-60 mins within the first 30 mins of opening. I had high hopes for this maze as I enjoyed the FNAF games, but this was pretty lackluster. They focused more on scenery and props than actual scares. You get taken into Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria at night by a Security Guard. I’m not sure if they specifically said why we were there (story wise), but it appeared that the guests were supposed to be new night guards in training. The maze takes place in the FNAF 1 location (the maze layout is not identical though). You walk through the Security Office and watch game play footage of the cameras in that room. Next you go into the main stage area, where the 3 main animatronics are. They start to twitch malfunction as you walk by them. You go into parts and services where there’s animatronic heads for all the characters. Also in there is a half torso of Chica that freaks out when you walk by. After that I can’t remember each room in order, but I believe the next was the arcade which had games and claw machines. A Freddy plushie would jump from inside the claw machine as you walked by. You walk through a hallway where the sides are inflated and you mush walk through them. Be warned, because of dry climate of Vegas, after sliding through those, the next thing you touch will give a nasty static shock. Infact the spark lit up the room when I touched the side of the wall. You walk through the prize room where Chica stands there and watches you. She’s static and doesn’t move, but it was definitely a bit nerve racking not knowing if it would jump out.  Next you enter the bathroom where the first actor so far in the maze, jumps out. The actor wears a black morph suit and has a loud horn with them. The last stretch, the power goes out and you have to make it through the closed for maintenance Pirate Cove. You go through a strobe section where all the walls are checkered and you must find the doorway in each room. You walk through another inflated wall section and end back up in the Security Office where Puppet from FNAF 2 is trying to break through a window. Then you make it to 6am and Freddy chases you out of the maze.

Scary: 2/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 4/10

Overall: 16/30

Overall, it’s an ok maze. Nothing amazing, but the theming is really good. It’s definitely designed for younger kids as that’s most of the game’s audience.

Next we did Krampus which was located next to EL Loco’s drop. Krampus was very different from the HHN Krampus maze. The rooms were much bigger in HHN’s version, but that’s mostly because Frightdome lacks space. The sets were more detailed at Frightdome, but most figures were static. This maze had some great special effects though. There’s one room where you see a locked door and through the window you can see people getting murdered and then you get sprayed with their blood. Almost soaked with it!

Scary: 5/10

Theming: 8/10

Story: 2/10

Overall: 15/30

Not quite as good as FNAF, but was much scarier. Lacked any real story though.

Next was Clowns, which was the exact same as last year’s. Click here to see last year’s review.

Next was Hellcratraz! Hellcratraz was a strange maze. It’s supposed to be Alcratraz with zombies?! It was on the weirder side. The maze looked poorly constructed, and virtually nobody was jumping out and scaring.

Scary: 2/10

Theming: 3/10

Story: 4/10

Overall: 9/30

By far the most disappointing maze of the night.

Next we did Carolina Cyclone…I mean Canyon Blaster which was running glass smooth and crazy fast!

Then we did EL Loco again! The front of line was about 15 mins long due to the ride’s low capacity. Every 2 dispatches, they would fill an entire ride with front of the line. Same went for Canyon Blaster.

Then we waited 45 mins for the Front of the Line only maze, Ouija! Like last year’s exclusive maze, you go in alone and get an intense experience. The biggest difference is that you didn’t need to sign a waiver this year. Last year tehy were allowed to grab and touch you. My guess is that because of the FNAF maze, they wanted it to be a little more kid friendly. Another difference is that at first, they take you in by groups of 3. You head up the “Hellevator” which simulates a rickety elevator. Then you enter a seance with a fortune teller where all 3 guests hold hands while the fortune teller uses a Oujia board. She lets go and the Oujia board moves on its own. The lights go out and an actor jumps out from behind you.

If you’re very religious (or maybe religious a little bit even) you may be highly offended in this maze. The fortune teller told the 2 other people that I placed with to put away their necklaces with a cross on them as “their is no god in this house!” I was sent into the isolation part of the maze first (which I’m 100% fine with). The actors were just as aggressive as before, but they were no longer allowed touch you. You go through these long, tight hallways with actors aggressively running toward you and blocking your path.

Scary: 10/10

Theming: 10/10

Story: 10/10

Overall: 30/30!!!

Overall the second best maze I’ve been in! Almost as good as last year’s, but still outstanding! Worth a trip out to Frightdome just for this!!!

We finished out the night with Wastelands 2! This maze was on the mediocre side last year, but got major improvements! It’s much scarier and a lot more gory! You had to walk through pig carcasses and you could feel the blood and grease on them. There were guys with chainsaws who would aggressively run towards you. It was an awesome experience!

Scary: 9/10

Theming: 8/10

Story: 6/10

Overall: 23/30!

This was by far the best regular maze of the night! Scary, gory, and partly story driven!

We tried to end the night with EL Loco, but they closed the lines 10 mins early which made me a little mad, but still overall an amazing night and a must do Halloween event!

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