Star Wars Land Construction Update #1 10/28/16

Some concrete has gone in the area and is no longer just a large patch of dirt.

It extends all the way back to Toon Town. Not much to see over there other than some trucks.

Then stretches all the way down to Critter Country where Splash Mountain is.

Over by the theater in Fantasyland, a huge wall is being constructed.

Towards the middle, there’s a concrete tunnel. I would assume this will be the entrance to the area and/or be where the train will ride on top of as it passes by the area.

Also towards the middle is this giant hole in the ground. Appears that little concrete has been poured yet. There’s lots of rebar sticking out from the sides of the hole and steel beams either anchored or going to be anchored in.

Leaving you guys off with this picture of the center of the construction zone.

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