Gilroy Gardens Trip Report 11/25/16

The first of three parks on this trip was Gilroy Gardens! This is a smaller family park owned by Cedar Fair. That means that your Cedar Fair Platinum pass works here! Atleast for the regular day, not the night time event.

This park was absolutely beautiful! By far the nicest park I’ve ever been to! It’s surprisingly nicer than Dollywood!

The “big” coaster in the park, Quicksilver Express, wasn’t open yet, so I headed over to Timber Twister Coaster, the park’s kiddie coaster. It’s a standard Zeirer Tivoli. It’s rough and boring like them all. The cars were very detailed though and the ride was hidden in the trees.

Quicksilver was finally open!

This coaster took up quite a bit of space and just look amazing along the hill side! There’s quite a bit of theming on the ride. You weave in and out of a couple buildings which was cool. There was a lot of little things in between turns that really enhanced the expirence!

The coaster was decently smooth with some rough patches. It’s a little rougher than Mamba at World’s of Fun, but smoother than West Coaster. The lift had a rough bang to them as the chain latched on, which neither Morgan I’ve been on before had. There was two moments of floater on the ride. They were quick pops, but you did get lift!

Sky Trail is a monorail that goes over the Quicksilver Plaza and into a green house! It was  worth riding. A very unique expirence. The cars did bob back anf fourth the entire ride which got annoying, but overall, very fun!

I heard Gilroy had great food, so I had to try something before I left. Because of their nighttime event, Lumination (which is asian themed), they had a food cart of kabobs! They had three diffent flavors.  I choose the Terryaki Chicken! They were really good! Overall, really glad I bought them!

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