California’s Great America Winterfest Trip Report 11/25/16

I arrived at the park at about 3:30.

Once we got signed in for the media event, we were let in at 4:00 for Ice Skating ERT! There is a catch with the ice skating. You need to sign a waiver and minors must get it signed by an adult. We got Kris Rowberry and Robert Ingle to sign for us. So a big thanks to them!

Snowflake Lake was fun! It’s a good sized rink! Even though I can’t skate well, I still had fun.

First ride we did was Gold Striker! We waited about 10 mins for it. It was only running one train which made the line become an hour wait all night. Overall though, Gold Striker is pretty awesome, but I still prefer Prowler and Thunderhead.

Next we did Flight Deck, the park’s B&M invert! This coaster surprised me! It’s my second favorite invert, but I expected it to be one of my least favorites. It was incredibly forceful and had great elements! Also running one train as well.

After that, we rode Flying Eagles and we got a good spin on it. It kinda freaked Patrick out a little bit.

Next, we got our dinner at the Pavilion. The food was pretty good. There was ham, cranberry sauce, wings, burgers, and a lot more! Bone app the teeth 😉

After dinner, we focused more on the lights.

The three areas by the main gate were my favorite! Snowflake Lake, Celebration Plaza, and Hometown Square!

Near Candycane Lane, there was this awesome display!

Over in Coke-Cola Polar Bear Plaza, was this giant inflatible Santa.

Orleans Plaza was most lights around trees and buildings.

In Planet Snoopy, you could meet the peanuts in festive clothes and walk through a tree lot with real trees!

After viewing the light, I rode Gold Striker again!

Patriot was looking good! All painted and seemed pretty much all done!

I finished the night with Flight Deck and a ride on Peanuts Pirates. Overall, this was a great event. Being that it’s CGA’s first year, it could use some work. Still a fantastic night and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who lives nearby!

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