Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Trip Report 11/26/16

The park opened later than usual. They opened at noon which felt kinda weird. Well maybe not as weird as World’s of Fun which opened at like 5 or 6 when I was there.

Walking past Joker as it was making its test runs before opening. That’s where we went first. After a short 10 min delay of the park opening, they let us in. We did Joker first and it was running quite slow. The airtime was about equal to Twisted Colossus.

After that, I went to Superman Ultimate Flight which was running extremely fast! Probably due to the lack of riders on board. The airtime was thigh crushing! It was absolutely awesome!

After Superman, I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Chop Six! Then I made it towards the other side of the park where Kong and Medusa are. I rode Kong first as I wasn’t sure if it had VR or not still. The website and app claimed it did, but it didn’t. The QR codes were still there to sync up the headsets, but it wasn’t operating with them. The ride was a bit smoother because they did some work on it. The Sidewinder element was very bumpy still.

Next was Medusa which was running glass smooth!

After Medusa, I went back over to Joker! Still a walk on!

I went next door to V2 which had nobody waiting in station except for a group waiting for the front. I chose the middle as you hang upside down the longest in that seat.

Infront of Joker, there was a clever ad. A car on RMC I-Box track!

Then it was time for another ride on Superman!

Before heading back to the hotel for some rest, I took a ride on Sky Screamer! As small as this one is, it’s still really fun.

On the way out, I saw that Kong’s second train was going through maintenance.

When I got back, Holiday in the Park was starting!

The main plaza was filled with dancers like this gingerbread man guy.

I love that SFDK puts lights up Medusa’s lift!

After a ride on Dare Devil Chaos and Medusa, I tried to see if the new 4D holiday was open…it wasn’t quite ready for opening weekend though. So I went to the back of the park and did Thrilla-Gorilla and HITP exclusive snow slide!

For the rest of the night, I remained in the DC themed area and rode Joker and Superman for the rest of the night. Once the rain had kicked in, Joker was running extremely fast. Infact 7 seconds faster from the morning! The airtime was like Lightning Rod’s! It was insane!

That concluded my day at Discovery Kingdom! I got around 25-30 rides on Joker! It was an amazing trip!

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