Holiday Giveaway!

For the holiday season, I’m giving away twelve items to twelve different people! Starting on 14th of December, it will count down to Christmas Day! The first few days will be smaller gifts like park maps, but towards the end, the gifts get better! We have unique items like a Viper trading pin, a TNR first to ride pin, and the biggest gift being a bottle of Boysenberry BBQ sauce from Knott’s Berry Farm!

To sign up, you’ll need to email me via the form at the bottom of this post. You’ll need to be a US citizen and willing to provide a home address or PO Box so I can send the prize. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE GIVEAWAY!


Day 1: Adventuredome Map

Day 2: SFMM 2016 Map

Day 3: SFMM Fright Fest 2016 Map

Day 4: SFMM HITP 2016 map

Day 5: SFDK HITP Map

Day 6: Knott’s Map

Day 7: CGA Winterfest Map

Day 8: Dollywood Map

Day 9: CGA Winterfest Media Day Ticket (no longer a valid ticket, just a cool stub that says “media”)

Day 10: Viper Pin

Day 11: TNR first to ride pin

Day 12: Boysenberry BBQ sauce

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